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The work area includes six protected area estates across the Einasleigh Uplands Bioregion totalling just over 300,000 hectares, including remote locations up to 3.5hrs from Undara. Travel and camping out for extended periods of time are normal aspects of our work.

Rangers may work across five focus areas dependent on operational need, including Pest Management, Fire Management, Estate Management, Visitor Management and Assets and Safety. As such, Rangers may turn their hands to a wide range of jobs that can be safely undertaken by non-tradespersons.

A OO3 Ranger contributes, at an operational level, to the day-to-day management of their work unit. While these positions perform the full breadth of field-based ranger duties, natural resource management and asset maintenance forms the greatest proportion of day-to-day work.

Applicants need the ability to carry out general estate development and maintenance duties such as construction and maintenance of walking tracks, recreational facilities, fences, signs, firebreaks and roads. Position holders will also assist with other estate protection duties including fire and pest management.

As conditions can be challenging and some areas have limited vehicular access, candidates are expected to be able to perform manual tasks such as carrying equipment, chainsaw operations, maintenance of tracks and clearing drains. This may include working in hot and wet weather and climbing steep slopes and rough terrain. A reasonable degree of physical fitness is required.

The successful applicant will be capable of working independently and as part of a team daily and will require good communication and time management skills. As work can be undertaken in remote and isolated environments, it is essential that the position holder is situationally aware, resourceful, familiar with remote area communications and prepared to assist with emergency response during and after normal work hours where required.

Applications to remain current for 12 months

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We are committed to building inclusive cultures in the Queensland public sector that respect and promote human rights and diversity.

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