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Townsville Region, Far North QLD
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The Wildlife Officer role advertised is part of the Townsville Operations team. The team operates in Townsville, QLD to deliver services to conserve and protect native and threatened wildlife and associated habitat—with particular focus on:
• regulation of the Nature Conservation Act to deliver protected wildlife compliance & enforcement
• providing safe interaction between people & wildlife
• working with the community to build positive interactions between community & wildlife
• applied research to assist in the development of innovative wildlife management strategies.


Wildlife Officers in the Northern Region Operations have a focus on wildlife management. This includes working with crocodiles, cassowaries and flying-foxes. This may require safely responding to isolated and remote situations in North Queensland for extended periods of time. Tasks are likely to include operating communication and navigational systems, employing survival techniques, undertaking equipment repair, and the use of environmental indicators to make decisions. You may be required to undertake short term stays in remote locations with little or no facilities available.

As the Wildlife Officer you will:

  • Operate individually and as an effective member of the team.
  • Directly interact with wildlife, including the safe capture, handling and husbandry in accordance with legislation, policies and procedures.
  • Undertake field monitoring and associated activities (e.g., flying-fox roost monitoring, crocodile management and cassowary management where required.
  • Provide information to community groups, industry and the general public about wildlife management.
  • Under the direction of senior staff, investigate complaints including auditing compliance and enforcement activities relating to the take, use and keep of wildlife under relevant and other breaches of legislation.
  • Foster a workplace culture that supports and promotes the interests of First Nations people and actively engage through our work to contribute to better outcomes for First Nations people.

Applications to remain current for 12 months.


Further information

We are committed to building inclusive cultures in the Queensland public sector that respect and promote human rights and diversity.

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