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Just Roads, Rates & Rubbish? There’s SO Much More to a Local Council Career Than You Might Think!

Many local council jobs often get a bad rap, but we’re struggling to see why!

We’ve chatted with some incredible employees in our interview series, and it sounds like the perfect starting place for anyone looking for a lifetime of opportunity.

They’ve told us that the reality of working in this vibrant team environment is way more than the stereotypical ‘Three Rs’ (rates, roads and rubbish!).

Keen to learn more about where a council career could take you? Keep reading as our employer partner, The Municipal Association of Victoria and VIC Council Careers takes us on a deep dive into this diverse and exciting sector!

Okay, So What Exactly Do Councils DO?

In Victoria, the local government comprises 79 councils representing more than six million people. Councils are area-based, representative governments with a legislative and electoral mandate to manage local issues and plan for the community’s needs.

Local government enables the economic, social and cultural development of the municipal area it represents, supports individuals and groups, and provides a wide range of services for the local community’s well-being.

Each municipality is different – its community may be young or old, established or still developing, rural or urban, and its population may vary from fewer than 3,000 people to more than 340,000.

Councils implement policies, regulations and programs set by other levels of government. Councils also have to respond to local community needs. Each council can develop its regulations and local laws and provide various services.

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What Can a Council Career Offer You?

With 79 councils across Victoria, local government is one of the biggest and most diverse sectors. If you’re passionate about your community, local government jobs offer you the opportunity to help shape its future.

Councils also rely on civic-minded community members who volunteer their time and skills to support delivering a wide range of local services and programs.

In terms of what you could do, the sky really is the limit!

Because the range of services councils delivers is so varied, there’s a vast opportunity to grow a career in many different ways that makes full use of your diverse skills.

The sector employs health and community care staff, corporate and business support, engineering, planning and community development, and environment and emergency management.

Local government offers you the opportunity to:

  • work directly with the community
  • work in any location across the state
  • be involved in ongoing learning and development
  • negotiate flexible working arrangements
  • take part in employee health and recreation programs
  • undertake further study.

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Discover More With Work Experience

Okay, so while we know the diversity of pathways on offer is a big drawcard, it can also be a bit daunting if you’re not entirely sure where you want to start!

That’s where work experience comes in!

Many local councils assist local students in developing their practical workplace skills and experience through various employment programs for secondary students and/or work placements for further education and tertiary students.

While each council is different, the types of programs they may offer students could include:

  • Apprenticeships
  • Traineeships
  • Tertiary job placements
  • Cadetship
  • Graduate Program
  • Pre-trade youth work experience.

Applications need to be made directly with the council through their preferred process.

To find out more about potential work experience or work placement opportunities, contact your local council or visit their website.

The Municipal Association of Victoria has also partnered with Explore Careers to showcase the opportunities councils can offer high school students and encourage future leaders to pursue a career in local government.

Ready to Start Your Council Career?

The Municipal Association of Victoria has partnered with LinkedIn to deliver the Council Careers Victoria hub, featuring current job vacancies, ads, and council career initiatives from across the state.

Many councils across Australia have joined with Careers at Council, which showcases the sector’s diverse opportunities and informs job seekers about career pathways.

The website features an interactive jobs map that allows jobseekers to search by location or job type and provides valuable information about working for local government.

Head here to explore each council’s career webpage, where you can browse the job vacancies!

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