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Kickstart a Career With Care Through a Moorabool Shire Council Traineeship!

08 August 2022
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Ever wondered what exactly the outcome of a traineeship might be? Can it really lead to a full-time job?

It’s a big fat YES from Bethany Kellett, who started her career as a trainee with Moorabool Shire Council before transitioning into her exciting role as a Revenue Officer. After being told she didn’t have enough experience for other roles, Bethany came across the trainee program with the Council and never looked back!

Bethany chats with us all about:

  • The role of local councils and why it’s a career path filled with community and care.
  • How a traineeship gave her the confidence, skills and experience she needed to launch her career.
  • Why hating maths at school has nothing to do with loving her job now!

Along with some great advice on how to handle those tough questions you’ll no doubt be asked about what you’re planning to do post-school, Bethany’s chat is well worth a listen to!

Find Out More

A traineeship with Moorabool Shire Council is just the beginning – to find out where a career with this growing organisation could take you, be sure to head over to the exclusive Explore Careers employer profile on our website now!

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