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Naomi from DESI is Making Environmental Preservation Her Business!

You won’t be saving the world in a day, but small positive environmental outcomes all add up!”

While growing up in a regional town with limited career opportunities, Naomi put in the work to kickstart her career, country-style! A few years later, and she’s now a team leader with DESI (and has countless new skills under her belt, too).

Sharing her inspiring journey, from the environmental science degree that sparked her passion to her career progression with DESI, Naomi’s story proves just how far hard work can take you! Check out our latest interview for insider insights on:

  • Landing your dream job in a regional town
  • Tips and tricks for getting your foot in the door
  • Strategies for climbing the corporate ladder
  • The myriad of opportunities offered to DESI employees.

And much, much more!

Find Out More

If you’re looking for a meaningful career, look no further than the Queensland Department of Environment, Science and Innovation. Not only do they offer tonnes of diverse career pathways to fit all preferences, but their main mission is protecting the environment. How good is that?

All kinds of eco-warriors can find their place with DESI, regardless of whether you’re after a role as a park ranger, wildlife officer, policy officer, or project officer. Even those looking for a corporate job can find their fit here; in essence, there’s something for everyone!

Start your eco-friendly career journey today by checking out their employer profile. Who knows, your contribution might just save the environment!

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