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National Careers Week 2022: What’s On & Where to Get Started

16 May 2022   |   by Explore Careers

Cue loud siren alarms going off at Explore Careers HQ: It’s National Careers Week 2022!

Okay, so there weren’t really sirens, but we are excited about everything this week offers – and for the extra resources and content we’ll be bringing your way!

To kick us off, we thought it’d be helpful to give a bit of a rundown on what to expect in the week ahead and where you can start getting involved to boost your own career journey.

Let’s go!

What is National Careers Week?

National Careers Week is a relatively new initiative in Australia – but it’s existed for a while in other countries.

National Careers Week is an initiative of the Career Industry Council of Australia and aims to celebrate careers, career development, career development services, and career development practitioners.

It also promotes career development’s economic, social, and personal benefits for all Australians.

Essentially, it’s an opportunity for everyone – schools, colleges, universities, employers, and organisations like us – to come together and offer a big melting pot of a week of events, workshops, talks, events, and resources all geared to helping you explore your next career steps.

No matter what stage of the journey you’re at, there’s plenty on this week to help you get ahead.

What’s On?

Throughout the week, you’ll find a host of interactive events and workshops taking place. Some are in-person alongside lots of live online seminars and talks – there’s also a host of on-demand content that you can access at any time!

The best way to find out what’s on – both near you and online – is to check out the Events page on the National Careers Week website. You can search by location, time and date and find the events that feel right for you.

Here’s a selection of some of our top picks in the first half of the week:

  • Get a Confidence Boost for Attending Interviews!: Hosted by RMIT, this workshop will guide you through everything you need to feel confident about attending in-person and video interviews. It’s free but only open to Victorian residents. – 17th May

Not a Victorian resident? Check out super helpful blogs on interviews here and here!

  • Get Support with Resumes and Job Applications: A great little online workshop that will be valuable for anyone just getting started with resumes and job applications – find out more about the dos and don’ts to give yourself the best shot! – 18th May 

Can’t make this one? We’ve got you covered with our blogs on resumes here and here!

  • A Careers Week Bonanza!: Just want to hear from employers and what they’re looking for? Edith Cowan University has you covered – check out their talks with employers – we bet you’ll take away heaps of tips! – All week long

Don’t forget; we host employer talks all year round right here at Explore Careers! Find out more here.

Where to Find Out More

The National Careers Week website is a great place to find heaps more tools and resources to help you through this week.

We especially like their handy range of downloadable resources that you can save to your phone or another device, ready to refer to when you need them most.

You can also follow them on Instagram for everything that’s happening his week, and don’t forget; we also have a pretty awesome Instagram account you should give a follow (if you aren’t already!).

National Careers Week Bingo

And because we think exploring your careers should always have a bit of fun injected into it, we’ve created a little game to encourage you to get out there and get involved this week!

Here’s our National Careers Week Bingo card – see how many you can tick off throughout the week.

Why not get your friends involved and make it a little competition? Share and let us know how you go on Instagram or Facebook!


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