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Now More Than Ever: Get Involved in This Year’s National Reconciliation Week! 

27 May 2024

National Reconciliation Week is upon us, and what better time is there to learn about how to be a great ally to Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander Australians?  

Remember, reconciliation efforts need to be made year-round; they shouldn’t – and can’t – be confined to a single week. However, for those looking to get involved in some incredible initiatives, the events of this week can be a fantastic starting point.   

From unpacking this year’s theme to detailing the five dimensions of reconciliation (along with some great National Reconciliation Week resources), we’re giving you a brief run-down on what you can expect from this year’s events. So, what are you waiting for? Check it out and go on to make Australia a better place for everyone.  

Unpacking This Year’s Theme: Now More Than Ever  

This year’s theme for National Reconciliation Week is ‘Now More Than Ever,’ a term intended to remind us that efforts for meaningful reconciliation will, and must, continue.   

Now More Than Ever, we must continue to fight for reconciliation in treaty making, truth telling, understanding, history and in education. It is not the time to disconnect; it’s the time for action, and we’re all responsible for making sure that change happens. 

The Five Dimensions of Reconciliation  

According to Reconciliation Australia, there are five dimensions of reconciliation that all Aussies should familiarise themselves with and engage with on a daily basis.  

  1. Race Relations 
  2. Equality and Equity 
  3. Institutional Integrity 
  4. Historical Acceptance 
  5. Unity 

True allyship does not mean engaging with these dimensions passively. Rather, we have to make a distinctive effort to improve our knowledge and implementation of each. For those who want to learn more about how to do so, Reconciliation Australia has a myriad of fantastic resources; we highly recommend you check them out! 


Another way to get involved in efforts for Reconciliation is to check out the fantastic events scheduled for this month. What’s more, there are a bunch that centre around music and art.  You can view full list here. However, we’ve decided to list a few for easy access too: 

1. Voices for Reconciliation: Louder Than Ever 

May 1 – June 3: Take action by joining us in song as part of the Voices for Reconciliation! This year the song is the iconic reconciliation anthem Blackfella/Whitefella by Warumpi Band. You can film your choir or singing group and send us the video to be part of this unique performance, or just sing your hearts out anywhere during National Reconciliation Week! 

2. Confined 15 

May 3, 10:00 am – June 2, 5:00 pm: With a diverse array of over 400 artworks by more than 380 artists, The Torch is proud to present the fifteenth annual Confined exhibition. Confined provides a dedicated space for First Nations people who have experienced incarceration in Victoria to share their stories, culture and lived experiences through the artworks they produce. 

3. Reclaim the Void Community Weaving Workshop 

May 25, 10:30 am – 2:30 pm: Weave the final threads into the rugs ready to send off to WA to join the thousands of others which have been woven or weave our own mini-rug of ongoing commitment to reconciliation, to take home with you. This Reconciliation Week, WEAVE YOUR THREADS of commitment to action, to change and to reconciliation, into a rag rug, as a way of healing country and committing to the continuing work of connection, respect, action and change. Now more than ever, we need reconciliation. 

4. The Long Walk 2024 

May 25, 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm: In 2004, former AFL legend Michael Long decided that something needed to be done about the plight of the Indigenous community, so he walked from his home in Melbourne all the way to Parliament House in Canberra. The Long Walk was born, with money raised to support Indigenous education programs across the country. Celebrating the 20th Anniversary, Michael Long and the Long Walk – Naarm 2024 return to Melbourne with live music performed by some of Australia’s leading Indigenous artists, free sport and art activities for the family, and food trucks to keep us all going. 

These are just a few events from this year’s extensive offerings, and we encourage you to check out even more and get involved in as many as you can. Not only are they for a great cause, but they’re a lot of fun too.  

Final Notes 

Remember, in all reconciliation efforts, education and action are key. Ensure that you’re educating yourselves, getting your information from reputable sources and using your platform to advocate for what’s right.  

We can – and must – work together to ensure a better future in which all Australians are heard. 


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