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Power Up Your Curiosity with CitiPower Powercor!

Figuring out what you want to do in life after school isn’t always easy – and it can get stressful!

But we’ll tell you a secret: most of us are still working out what we want to do.

It’s definitely something Aaron, Works Delivery Coordination Manager with CitiPower Powercor, can attest to. In our latest interview, Aaron shares why working out what you want to do is a huge opportunity to keep growing – and as long as you stay curious, open-minded and develop the right attitude, you’ll find heaps of success.

Jump into our chat with Aaron and learn:

  • Who CitiPower Powercor are, what they do, where they work and the services they provide.
  • What Aaron’s role involves and what a typical work day might look like.
  • What led Aaron into this career path and how CitiPower has helped him grow his skills and develop a rewarding career!
  • Some of the other roles available with these leaders and how each team member plays a vital role in delivering the services.
  • What their apprenticeship and graduate engineering programs involve – and the amazing hands-on experience they offer!
  • What innovation and technological developments look like in the sector.

Along with some top-notch advice for any young person just starting to explore their career options, our chat with Aaron is not to be missed!

Find Out More

United by a sense of purpose, CitiPower’s priorities are to provide reliable, safe and affordable electricity.

Citipower’s people are at the frontline in developing and implementing innovative technologies and solutions necessary for the future of our industry, not only in Victoria but globally. It is a team effort with diverse teams across their businesses, all contributing to great customer and community outcomes.

Find out more – including their early career programs – via their dedicated employer profile!

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