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Top 5 Skills to Showcase for a Summer Gig as a Removalist

Thinking about a summer gig that’s easy to start with no experience?

Becoming a removalist might just be the perfect fit!

As a casual job, it offers flexibility and a chance to hone valuable skills that will steer you well in various future job roles.

To help you learn more, we teamed up with Kent Removals & Storage to uncover what makes this sector so appealing for young school leavers and the top skills to focus on if you think it sounds like the right path for you.

Let’s get to it!

Why a Removalist Job is Perfect for Summer & Casual Work

A removalist job makes for an excellent summer or casual job for a number of reasons!

While it might not necessarily be an ‘easy’ job, it’s definitely one that will bring you a lot of satisfaction, excellent team collaboration and the chance to explore your local – or further afield! – surroundings in a way you’ve likely never done before.

Here’s a few more reasons it’s the perfect opportunity to explore for casual or summer work:

  1. No Experience Needed: Removalist positions often require no prior experience, making it an ideal opportunity for those seeking their first job or a temporary gig during summer.
  2. Flexibility: Many removalist companies offer flexible work schedules, allowing you to balance the job with other commitments, such as studies or personal activities.
  3. Gaining Valuable Skills: Besides being physically active, you’ll develop essential skills like teamwork, time management, and problem-solving – all transferable to future careers.
  4. Opportunity for Growth: Starting as a casual removalist can lead to full-time positions and even managerial roles within the industry, providing a potential pathway for future career development.

What Skills Should You Prioritise?

While a big drawcard of this job is that no experience is needed, that doesn’t mean that highlighting some key skills won’t help your application stand out!

Here are the top five skills to showcase for a career as a removalist:

  1. Physical Fitness and Stamina: Moving furniture and heavy items requires strength and endurance. Showcase your physical fitness to demonstrate that you can efficiently handle the job’s demands.
  2. Teamwork and Communication: Working as a team is crucial in the removalist industry. Highlight your ability to communicate effectively and collaborate with others to ensure smooth operations during a move.
  3. Problem-Solving Skills: Moving involves challenges that require quick thinking and adaptability. Showcase your problem-solving abilities and how you handle unexpected situations with a calm and rational approach.
  4. Attention to Detail: Careful handling of items is paramount in the removalist role. Display your attention to detail in packing, unpacking, and arranging belongings to ensure a safe and organised move.
  5. Time Management: Removalist jobs often operate on tight schedules. Demonstrate your ability to manage time effectively and stick to deadlines, emphasising your reliability and punctuality.

Ready to Kickstart Your Best Summer Yet?

Kent, an Australian success story originating over 75 years ago as a local family business, has evolved into Australia’s largest removalist and storage company.

It is the leading choice for local, interstate, and international moves, with flexible storage solutions and top-notch relocation services.

Renowned for its quality and reputation, Kent is dedicated to investing in top talent to deliver award-winning customer service. Recognising the value of young talent, the company aims to maintain innovation and progress by incorporating new perspectives and approaches into its established legacy.

Ready to start your journey into this dynamic industry with Kent? Check out their current opportunities right here!

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