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Wondering How to Get Paid to Travel? Look No Further Than the Royal Australian Navy!

16 November 2022
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Like most people, our ideas about working in the Navy come from watching a bunch of OTT action-packed movies – but what’s life really like onboard the Defence Force?

Here to give us the full low-down is Kiah Whyte, Combat Systems Operator with the Royal Australian Navy. Kiah breaks down some key misconceptions about her role, and why there’s so much you’ll take away from one of the world’s most unique careers!

Join Kiah in our latest interview as she tells us all about:

  • What working with the Royal Australian Navy involves, and the types of roles you could explore, including training, chef work, IT – and so much more.
  • What her role involves, her core duties and what no two days are ever the same
  • How teamwork and communication are vital throughout her role
  • The role of technology in her work and the combat systems she uses every day
  • What life looks like when she’s out at sea and how she creates work-life balance in such a unique environment
  • How her role has allowed her to travel the world and explore new cultures and countries
  • Why the people she’s met across her 12-year career have been the best part of her job so far

Kiah had us hanging on her every word with her fascinating role and her clear passion for working in the Defence Force. We loved chatting with Kiah, and we know loads of you will get a lot out of this talk, too – don’t miss it!

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Today’s Australian Defence Force (ADF) offers more than 200 roles across various trades and professions. There are career options to suit people with broad-ranging backgrounds, skill levels and interests. It’s fair to say that almost every Australian student could find a career that suits them in the Navy, Army or Air Force.

You’ll enjoy more than just stimulating and rewarding work in the Navy, Army or Air Force. Find out more via their complete profile right here at Explore Careers.

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