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Young Money with Findex: All About the Budget

18 July 2023

If you’ve some big goals you want to tick off this year – whether buying your first car, travelling, moving out, or heading off to uni – there’s one thing that’s going to underpin a lot of it: money.

Setting yourself up for financial success starts with growing your knowledge of how best to manage your money – and budgeting.

No matter your income, getting savvy about creating a budget can help you achieve your financial goals.

And the Young Money podcast from Findex can help you get there!

Why Having a Budget is a Good Idea

Setting a budget can help you get smart with your finances overall and help you understand where your money goes each month.

Setting a budget allows you to:

  • Stay clear-minded and motivated about the outcome you want from your savings.
  • Gain clarity over what’s coming in and going out.
  • Understand where you’re spending your money.
  • Understand the areas to improve to achieve your goal and save more.

Budgets also help with your savings goals as they help you understand how much something might cost and plan effectively to break down saving a set amount per week or month to achieve your goal by a set date.

All Things Budget With Nicole Pederson-McKinnon

Young Money is the one-stop reference for young Aussies seeking information on making money, spending money and planning for the future. These short podcasts introduce you to various guests who can offer the best advice for getting – and staying – on top of your finances.

In this episode, Nicole Pedersen-McKinnon discusses the essentials of budgeting, including:

  • How do we track our expenses?
  • What are some everyday expenses to consider?
  • How do we start budgeting?

Nicole is a well-known financial literacy campaigner, appearing on several programs, including Sunrise, The Morning Show, Daily Edition, 7 News and The Project. She is an ambassador for ASIC’s money smart and spends time educating high school students through her ‘S.M.A.R.T. Money Start’ program.

Listen to the full episode right here and visit to access the full library of resources, including topics on:

  • Basic financial literacy
  • Buy-now pay-later
  • Starting casual work
  • How to save and budget
  • Uni debt
  • Crypto currency
  • Moving out of home
  • Micro-investing
  • Side hustles
  • …and more!

Find Out More

Findex is one of Australasia’s leading and most geographically dispersed integrated advisory firms, with over 100 offices throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Findex believes in creating an entirely different financial services group and recognises its employees’ importance in achieving this goal.

Discover Findex and the opportunities available through our dedicated employer profile at Explore Careers.

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