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A Day in the Life of a BAE Systems Graduate

18 October 2021   |   by BAE Systems

A day in the life of a BAE Systems Graduate may very well start in the same way as any other person. Wake, shower, coffee, commute, etc. It’s what happens after they arrive at work… this is when the magic happens.

The life of a defence asset like an aircraft, ship or technology, can be many years, from concept design, development and manufacture. There may be mid-life upgrades and finally, the asset/technology may be decommissioned or replaced by an upgraded system.

That is a total lifecycle of potentially 30-40 years and perhaps longer. Since the project lifecycle is so long, it would be nearly impossible to see all of these aspects of a project lifecycle within a 2-year period and that is where the true value of the rotation program comes in, as different projects are at different points in the lifecycle.

Monique is a Mechanical Engineer, who joined BAE Systems as a Graduate in 2018. After completing 2 years in the graduate program including 4 rotations.

Once Monique arrives at work and goes through the usual process of checking emails and greeting colleagues etc, her day can involve any number of new experiences.

From designing parts to be installed on the vessels of the Royal Australia Navy, to site visits where she is required to go up on the ship to conduct inspections.

Monique takes notes and measurements to ensure that her newly designed part will fit and do the job it’s designed to do. She will consult with Navy crew members to gather their specific knowledge and ensure her end product will meet their needs.

Back at the office Monique will translate her notes and measurements and make amendments to her design. Working on CAD, Monique learns how to analyse structures and apply Australian standard to her designs.

Team Meetings are a regular part of a Graduates day. Whether it’s coming in on new projects, getting up to date on existing programs or problem solving with her whole team, it’s all helping to build Monique’s knowledge of the work that BAE Systems do to ensure that our customer, the Australia Defence Force, has the technology and equipment they need to keep our country safe.

“I think the most rewarding part of the BAE Systems Graduate program is the opportunity to learn from the Senior Engineers in the company, who have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share”.
Monique | BAE Systems Employee

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