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Be Part of a Team That Makes Moves With Grace Group!

One of the most important aspects of finding the right workplace is finding the right team of people you want to spend your days with!

This isn’t always easy, but Peter assures us it’s one of the BEST things about working for Grace Group!

The Warehouse Site Manager likens the team environment to being like a close-knit sports team; everyone knows their role and supports each other to achieve shared goals.

Sound like your kinda workplace? Hear from Peter as he shares:

  • More about who Grace Group are, their services, and different departments across the company.
  • What his role involves, and what a typical day might look like.
  • How Peter grew his career from removalist to Warehouse manager and has been supported to grow his career every step of the way.
  • How much broader the industry and scope of work are than most people realise!
  • Why the team culture and diverse teams make working for Grace worthwhile.
  • How technology and innovation are boosting the industry for the better.

Peter also breaks down common misconceptions about logistics and likens the work to developing a trade, building skills, knowledge and expertise as you grow and learn.

We loved chatting with Peter and know you’ll get a lot from his chat with us too!

Find Out More

A legacy of the famous Grace Bros retail and home services empire, Grace Group has expanded to become Australia’s leading service provider of integrated asset moving and information management services for home, corporate and commercial customers.

Grace is the most significant relocation logistics and information management operator within Australasia. The wholly owned Grace Group network of fully operational offices and specialist warehousing facilities extends across every Australian state, territory, and New Zealand.

Find out more via their dedicated Explore Careers profile.

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