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What Happens When You Start a Promising Agriculture Career at Simplot?

09 January 2024

The J.R. Simplot Company is a global leader in food and agriculture. They work from the soil to sea to feed a growing global population.

But what’s it like to work for a global leader in their field? And more importantly – how can YOU work for them?

Here to help answer these questions and more is Emily Fullmer, Global Talent Programs Manager with Simplot! There’s a wide variety of opportunities to explore in this ever-expanding industry. This is your chance to find out why Simplot could be the best place to start your career.

Join Emily in our latest employee interview as she shares:

  • More about who Simplot are, what they and where they’re located.
  • What entry-level opportunities they have on offer, and where you could work.
  • An overview of their company culture and team values.
  • Why Simplot could be just the employer you’ve been looking for to kickstart a thriving career!

Along with Emily’s top tips for who Simplot is looking for in potential employees and the key attributes that will help you stand out, this is one interview you don’t want to miss!

Find Out More

Simplot is a family-owned and privately held international food and agriculture company. The Company leads innovations in plant nutrition and food processing, researches new ways to feed animals and sustain ecosystems, and works with farmers and partners to help feed a growing global population.

Its integrated portfolio includes farming, ranching and cattle production, food processing, food brands, phosphate mining, fertilizer manufacturing, and other enterprises related to agriculture. Its major operations in the US, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Argentina, India and China provide a diverse array of products and services to people around the world.

The Company’s Core Values – Passion for People, Spirit of Innovation and Respect for Resources – are as relevant now as they were when J.R. began his journey 90 years ago. Their dedication to making things grow is as strong as ever!

Visit Simplot’s exclusive employer profile to see where you can take your career with these leaders.

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