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Can you actually build and grow a career in retail? You can at Kmart!

24 July 2023

Sometimes it’s the unexpected pathways that end up offering you the most value when it comes to your career!

Curtis’ career at Kmart began while he was in high school and carried over into his uni days. As a casual retail assistant, he never imagined it would lead him to his current full-time role as a Line Manager – something he absolutely loves!

Curtis joins us to share:

  • What working with Kmart is like as a line manager, and how he’s had the opportunity to explore management opportunities the business offers
  • How he started with Kmart while he was still at school, had the chance to learn more about the things he enjoys at work, and has been supported to learn and progress a career that he loves!
  • How anyone interested in leadership can apply to join the LMIT Program (Line Manager in Training) to gain the skills and knowledge to excel as a leader
  • Why a career with Kmart is truly endless, with new opportunities and pathways available for anyone who hasn’t considered retail as a career before, or those already in the industry wondering how to progress

It was great chatting with Curtis and hearing about how Kmart has helped him reshape his career ideas and supported him to thrive as a leader, doing what he loves – and assisting others to do the same!

Find Out More

As Australia’s most loved retailer, Kmart have been brightening up everyday life for families for over 50 years.

They believe that good people come from all sorts of places, and good people belong at Kmart! And whatever your ambition, there’s opportunity to build your career in any direction or as far as you want to take it.

They’re optimistic about their future and yours! Head over to their exclusive employer profile on Explore Careers to learn more about everything Kmart offers.

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