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Unlock Your Potential With CMV Group’s Impactful Volunteer Program

In today’s interconnected world, fostering community and social responsibility is paramount.

At CMV Group, the team has a huge heart and strong belief in the power of giving back. They are proud to showcase how their teams contribute to their communities through their volunteering program.

Let’s go beyond the grease and discover how CMV Group makes a BIG difference!

What is Corporate Social Responsibility?

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is the ethical obligation for businesses to impact society beyond their bottom line positively.

It’s well worth considering companies prioritising CSR initiatives. This is because it enhances their reputation and provides meaningful opportunities to make a difference in the world around you. This helps you foster personal growth and fulfilment.

How is CMV Group Stepping Up?

At the CMV Group, giving back to the community has always been essential to their company culture. They know it’s crucial for their employees, too. But finding the time to volunteer can be challenging with work and personal commitments. That’s why CMV Group employees can take two days per year of volunteering leave for approved volunteering opportunities.

In the last year, CMV Group employees have volunteered to:

  • Assist with packing backpacks for displaced and vulnerable children.
  • Prepare and serve meals to people experiencing homelessness.
  • Assist food relief organisations to support those doing it tough.
  • Restored environmental habitats with planting days and fire recovery efforts.

CMV Group staff have volunteered at organisations including Backpacks 4 SA Kids, Hutt St Centre, Foodbank, Backpacks 4 VIC Kids, The Village Co, Anglicare SA, Heart & Soul, Pinchapoo, State Emergency Service, Country Fire Authority, Morwell Neighbourhood House, Operation Flinders and BioR.

Through CMV Volunteering, employees see their positive impact on our communities firsthand.

Giving Back at CMV: Discover Their Volunteering Programs

The CMV Group is celebrating the successful completion of its inaugural CMV Group Volunteering Program, with nearly 1,200 hours contributed across 14 organisations in South Australia and Victoria, including Hutt St Centre.

Volunteers Daniel, Bec, and Regan from Mercedes-Benz Adelaide and Unley shared their experiences firsthand, highlighting the program’s vital role in supporting community initiatives like Hutt St Centre’s efforts to assist the homeless population.

Hutt St Centre plays a crucial role in supporting the homeless population in SA, providing immediate necessities like food and showers and long-term support such as housing and employment assistance.

Another group of passionate individuals from CMV Truck & Bus Dandenong and Clayton, Bayswater Truck Centre, and CMV Truck & Bus Fleet Management volunteered at Pinchapoo. Pinchapoo is an organisation providing hygiene products to those in need.

Their rewarding experiences demonstrate the profound impact of volunteering, encouraging others to participate through programs like CMV Group’s or directly with community organisations like Hutt St Centre.

CMV Group Foundation

Giving back to the community has long been a big and essential part of the culture at the CMV Group.

Through both the CMV Group Foundation and the CMV Group Staff Foundation, substantial funds have been channelled towards assisting worthy causes, organisations and those less fortunate in our wider communities.

The CMV Group has a long history of employees donating to the CMV Group Staff Foundation. Thanks to the donations made by CMV Group employees, over $2.5 million dollars has been given to over 360 organisations in the local communities.

Learn More

From humble beginnings in 1934, the CMV Group has grown to be one of South Australia’s longest privately-owned family businesses, with fourth-generation family members in management positions and a continued focus on upholding the core CMV Group values.

From a staff of five in 1934, more than 1900 employees serve tens of thousands of customers and businesses across South Australia and Victoria, resulting in an annual turnover approaching 2 billion dollars.

Find out more via their dedicated employer profile right here at Explore Careers!

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