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Breaking Barriers: Bulldogs’ Bold Step Towards Sports Inclusivity

02 October 2023

We have exciting news to share that embodies progress and inclusivity in the sports realm!

Our employer partner, Initial Hygiene (part of the Rentokil Initial family), has recently announced their amazing partnership with the Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs, a groundbreaking step towards supporting female athletes and their needs in the sporting world.

Keep reading to learn more about this exciting development!

Championing Female Athletes

In a monumental move, the Bulldogs have become the first NRL club to offer free menstruation products in female bathrooms and locker rooms.

This initiative perfectly aligns with the NRL’s Women In League Round and anticipates hosting the inaugural NRLW double-header at Belmore Sports Ground on July 30.

The Bulldogs are setting the pace in Australia’s sports ecosystem by following the footsteps of some European sporting agencies.

A Pioneering Partnership

Initial Hygeine’s partnership with the Bulldogs emphasises a shared commitment: menstruation should never hinder women and girls from participating or excelling in sports.

They proudly provide Washroom Dignity dispensers and sanitary bins at Belmore Sports Ground, ensuring accessibility of period products across all public washrooms and female locker rooms.

This benefits the female players and extends to employees, fans, and visitors within the grounds.

Through this collaboration, Initial Hygiene aims to broaden the conversation about Washroom Dignity among sports clubs and extend support to young athletes involved in grassroots sports. Their ultimate goal is to create inclusive facilities at sports grounds nationwide, aligning with the Australian government’s initiative to provide free period products in public schools.

Celebrating Progress

Marketing Director Pacific Karen Kavanagh commended the Bulldogs for their leadership in breaking menstrual stigma within women’s sports, making washrooms more inclusive.

“There’s been so much recent progress to remove hurdles in women’s professional sport,” Kavanah explains. “It’s fantastic to see the Bulldogs leading the way in removing the stigma around menstruation in women’s sports by creating more inclusive washrooms.”

The initiative has garnered significant media attention, reflecting the importance of this step toward inclusivity.

Join the Movement

We invite you to join Initial Hygiene and the Bulldogs’ in celebrating this milestone and reinforcing a progressive commitment to inclusivity in sports!

Explore how Washroom Dignity is making a difference and supporting mental health and hygiene in the workplace by visiting here.

As one of Australia’s leading hygiene service providers with over 30 years of industry experience, Initial Hygiene is dedicated to promoting hygiene and inclusivity. Part of the wider Rentokil Initial family, they strive to ensure easy access to period products, emphasising the importance of mental health and hygiene in the workplace.

Find out more via their dedicated employer profile right here at Explore Careers.

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