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Celebrate World Milk Day With The Australian Dairy Industry!

Ice cream, milkshakes, milk chocolate, and so many more of our favourite treats wouldn’t exist without the dairy industry, and this World Milk Day is the perfect excuse to indulge.  

World Milk Day was established way back in 2001 as a way to celebrate the dairy industry, an agricultural sector that keeps Australians nourished and our cupboards stocked with delicious goods. To kick off the celebrations, we’re sharing all the best bits about a dairy career as we answer all your dairy-related questions – and discover exciting dairy job opportunities 

So, grab some cookies and pour yourself a tall glass of milk; you’re about to embark on a deep dive into one of Australia’s thriving industries. Who knows, you might even decide that a dairy job is perfect for you! 

Hear From Aussie Dairy Experts: 

If you’re still on the fence about a career in dairy, don’t just take our word for how great it can be; listen to some of the pros instead! 

Queensland Dairy Farmer/ Livestock Manager, Steph Van Der Westen  

“Since working on the farm, I have learnt so much along the way from taking advantage of the opportunities that have been offered to me. I would say to anyone who is considering a job in dairy that the best way to start is to just jump right into the work. The contribution my role makes to providing young animals with the care they need to become part of the dairy herd is amazing to watch and be a part of on our farm.” 

Dairy Australia’s National People Lead, Mick Fuller 

“Dairy farming can provide workers with opportunities for on-the-job training, learning a diverse blend of practical and technical skills, which is attractive for Australians looking for this. 

“There’s plenty of career opportunities that span various skill sets and educational backgrounds, making dairy farming a diverse path for those pursuing a fulfilling career. A dairy farm hand can move into roles such as herd management, animal care, milking operations, quality control and assurance, feed management, farm management, and more.” 

Joining the Dairy Industry: Frequently Asked Questions 

1. How much does a dairy milker earn? 

According to Dairy Australia, dairy salaries can range anywhere from $859 to $1069 per week, depending on the worker’s role and experience. However, dairy employees may be able to earn extra through on-the-job training, additional hours, bonuses and award payments. 

2. How do you turn a dairy job into a career? 

To turn your dairy job into a career, you should let your supervisors know that you want to work with the company long term, and you need to be willing to learn and upskill. In short, demonstrate your commitment to the company, and they will be more likely to keep you on. 

If you’re just breaking into the industry, it can be worth checking out the Dairy Farm Jobs Board to see which entry-level opportunities appeal most to you! 

3. What does a dairy career look like? 

Dairy careers are dynamic and full of variety. In short, no two days are the same! You’ll likely be spending a lot of time outside with animals or machinery, but it depends on what dairy job you choose. 

If you don’t have a tonne of experience with animals or machinery, that’s okay too. When you’re first starting out, a lot of your dairy career will consist of hands-on training! 

4. How many dairy farms are there in Australia? 

According to Statistica, there were a whopping 4,163 dairy farms in Australia as of the end of the 2023 financial year.  

5. Is dairy farming sustainable? 

Australian dairy farmers are leading the charge on sustainable farming practices. By using recycled water, monitoring water consumption, using renewable energy sources, improving land management, and providing top-notch care for their animals, Australian Farmers have developed a means to feed the nation while looking after the planet.  

6. What are the benefits of working in dairy? 

There are so many enticing benefits to choosing a dairy career in Australia, but to name a few: 

  • You get to work with animals. 
  • You’ll give back to your community. 
  • There’s a lot of variety and flexibility.  
  • You get to work with innovative technology. 
  • There are amazing opportunities for career progression.

The Dairy Industry Wants You! 

If you’re feeling as enthusiastic as we are about the future of Australian dairy, we’re sure you’ll be ready to start that application process; how exciting! 

To take the first steps on your dairy career journey, head over to the Dairy Farm Jobs Board or you could reach out to Dairy Australia’s helpful regional team members and discover a job on a dairy farm today! 

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