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Challenge your analytical thinking with a career with CSL!

12 May 2023
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Shauna is a process scientist in the Quality Control Department at CSL Behring, who provides her insight to what working her work entails, and how her personality and skill set enables her to thrive at CSL.

I find working for CSL a unique experience, not only because of the niche nature of what the business achieves, but because of the diverse range of people I work with every day. Every area of the business has a sub-culture that offers a different approach to problem-solving and optimising operations; from the strategic and detailed minds in supply chain and quality functions to those that offer hands-on experience creating the products in engineering and manufacturing areas. My role as a process scientist straddles both ways of thinking. I evaluate data and summarise technical knowledge of scientific processes, and as a result I can determine and communicate risk or make recommendations on process improvements.

As someone who loves using analytical thinking to solve problems, it goes without saying that I enjoyed maths and science classes the most at school! This way of thinking was also something I recognised in my approach to other areas of my personal life, including sport. If I were to offer one piece of advice for high schoolers, it would be to recognise when you are engaged and lean into activities or courses that suit your personal traits. If you enjoy being detailed-focused, analytical, and solving problems, a career in biotech manufacturing may be suited to you too.

Whilst I need to be focused at work to ensure I am thinking and communicating effectively, something I enjoy about CSL is that it encourages employees to maintain a positive work/life balance. In my personal time, I spend my time training and competing in track-and-field at a national level. My managers at CSL not only support me professionally, but also provide me with enough flexibility to maintain my dedication and participation in my personal activities and endeavours. This is a critical aspect to consider when you are looking for an ambitious career that still enables an overall balance with your personal life.

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