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Talika Talks About Finding Her Passion Through DESI’s First Nations Gap Year Program!

“For First Nations young people looking at applying, 100% do it. This is definitely an opportunity worth applying for.”

When Talika left school, she wasn’t quite sure where she wanted her career journey to take her. Nowadays, she’s an alumnus of DESI’s First Nation’s Gap Year Program with a broad skill set and a firm idea of where she’s heading!

Showing us how passion and purpose can be found in the places we might not think to look, Talika describes how her involvement in the program uncovered a passion for agriculture. Backed by a supportive mentorship team, she’s gained industry knowledge and experience that she knows will help her land her dream role.

Join Talika as she shares all the best bits of this exciting opportunity, including:

  • How the program opened her eyes to a world of opportunities.
  • The welcoming and dynamic team environments she’s worked across.
  • The empowerment that comes from finding your passion.
  • Mentorships, monthly yarns and endless opportunities to upskill.
  • Exciting opportunities for hands-on experience (fancy spending your workdays boating about on water sampling trips?)

Find Out More

The Department of Environment, Science and Innovation is constantly working towards a brighter future for Queenslanders, and they want your help to make that dream a reality! For eco-warriors, animal lovers and anyone searching for a way to enact real change, you’re bound to love working with DESI in a career that truly counts.

Want to save the world but don’t have any work experience? That’s okay too! The Department of Environment, Science and Innovation offers an exciting First Nations Gap Year Program every two years. Designed for Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander peoples who have completed Year 12, the program offers mentorship, upskilling and work experience across a variety of different divisions and work areas.

Check out the DESI team’s fantastic work at their employer profile, or skip straight to the First Nations Gap Year Program internet page – here.

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