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Meet Nalita, Trainee Dental Assistant with HCF Dental

02 March 2023

You may have heard of HCF and have a vague understanding that they have something to do with health insurance, but did you know they also offer a fantastic trainee program for those interested in dentistry?

Nalita, Trainee Dental Assistant, joins us in our latest employee interview to give us the lowdown on everything HCF does and why the trainee program with them is such a fantastic place to kickstart a rewarding, human-centred healthcare career!

Hear from Nalita as she shares:

  • More about HCF, what they do, and the types of roles you could get involved in.
  • How HCF is all about putting people front and centre – whether that’s their customers or staff.
  • What life is like as an HCF trainee and why it’s been the best path for her.
  • How Nalita got started as a trainee and the best aspects of her role.
  • Nalita’s top advice for anyone interested in following in her footsteps!

We were totally inspired by Nalita’s go-get-it attitude and positive approach to her career path, and we know you will be too! Give Nalita’s interview a full listen below!

Find Out More

As Australia’s largest not-for-profit private health insurer, HCF has the vision to make health care understandable, affordable, high quality and customer-centric.

They’re proud to be home to 1300 employees within their head office locations in Sydney, Australian call centres and a growing network of branches and dental centres across the country.

Discover more about HCF and how you can start your career journey with them right here at Explore Careers!

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