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Ready For Career Innovation? Experience Exponential Growth At Dyson

01 February 2024

Dyson is no stranger to doing things differently – and getting incredible results!

Dyson are renowned for innovative technology that expertly handles challenges around the world. And there are plenty of great reasons to see what Dyson can offer your career.

Retail Expert Ella joins us to share her own career journey with the leaders. From retail to a professional internship in HR, Ella give us the full lowdown on her experience so far (spoiler: it’s pretty amazing!).

Hear from Ella as she shares:

  • More on who Dyson are and what they do.
  • How Ella started her career with Dyson working in their retail store and has grown her professional career through an internship opportunity in HR.
  • Some of the best aspects of her career at Dyson to date and what sets them out as a great employer for her.
  • Why a retail role with Dyson is so much more than simply selling goods.
  • The fantastic training and learning opportunities you can tap into!

Find Out More

From its origins in a small workshop in rural England, Dyson has grown into a technology company with a global footprint. They now have offices from Auckland to Zurich, Shanghai, Singapore and Chicago.

Their global reputation is priceless and always depends on what they do next. Dyson is a unique technology enterprise. Their biggest category today didn’t even exist a few years ago.

Their next biggest category? That could be where you come in!

Head to their dedicated employer profile now to learn more and explore opportunities with Dyson.


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