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Radiating Success: Inside Neena’s Nuclear Career Journey With I-MED!

Join us for an exclusive video interview with Neena, a dynamic graduate Nuclear Medicine technologist at I-Med!

As the demand for nuclear medicine professionals surges, Neena embodies rising talent in this vital field.

Discover how I-Med has nurtured her growth, empowering her to explore her passions and excel in a career at the forefront of medical innovation.

Tune in and discover:

  • Who I-MED are and the different opportunities available.
  • How Neena got started in her role and what some of her daily activities look like.
  • What Neena loves most about her career and some of the challenges she’s faced.
  • How I-MED offers lots of pathways for training and career progression.
  • How her work so far has helped Neena grow her understanding of the industry, and plan her next career steps!

Along with some great tips for anyone looking to start their career and find their next steps, this is one interview you don’t want to miss.

Find Out More

I-MED recognises the importance of entry-level roles as a stepping stone to an impactful healthcare career.

Their medical receptionist and imaging assistant positions offer more than just jobs; they provide practical experience, skill development, and an opportunity to contribute to patient care.

With plenty of opportunities across Australia, I-MED is your ideal platform to launch your healthcare journey.

Explore and apply for an opportunity near you today!

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