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Commitment & Motivation Pay Off for Taye – State Apprentice of the Year!

Some of our absolute favourite employee stories are the ones that start with being open to a new opportunity and seeing it lead to a successful, rewarding career!

Taye Cahoon is the perfect example of this. After attending a TAFE open night, Taye knew he wanted to do an apprenticeship – but it wasn’t until his career advisor at school let him know about an opportunity in carpentry that he decided to give it a go.

Four years later, Taye is still loving his job – and took home the State Apprentice of the Year Award too!

Join us as we chat to Taye all about:

  • Who Oceanic Building Design are, what they do, and the types of roles on offer.
  • What a Leading Hand Carpenter does and how Taye got into the industry.
  • How a careers night at TAFE opened up the sector for Taye and led him into the apprenticeship route as a carpenter.
  • Why being open to a new pathway in carpentry led Taye into a highly rewarding and enjoyable career – and all the incredible skills he’s learned so far.
  • What the apprenticeship pathway looks like and how to get started in construction.
  • What it was like to win State Apprentice of the Year and be recognised for his work!
  • The vital importance of looking after yourself – mind and body – when you work in the industry.

Taye also shares some great insights into getting into the sector, the hard work it takes to make it a success – but all the rewards that come with the commitment and motivation to do well!

Find Out More

A career in the construction industry offers individuals variety and the ability to develop invaluable skills and knowledge that can be continually built upon – something Master Builders Victoria can definitely help you with!

To learn more and discover opportunities like Taye’s apprenticeship, head to the dedicated employer profile on Explore Careers.

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