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Established in 1875, Master Builders Victoria has been a long-standing voice for the building and construction industry.

Our aim is to raise the profile of this fantastic industry as a provider of rewarding career outcomes.

A career in the construction industry offers individuals variety and the ability to develop invaluable skills and knowledge that can be continually built upon.

There are numerous opportunities available and with so many different career options, the best pathway can be hard to determine. To help with this, we have a dedicated, friendly team to demystify and simplify the information available for those looking to enter the construction industry and to assist those currently in the industry with their career progression.

To explore career options in the industry take a look at our Careers in Construction online booklet.


2nd Largest Employer in Vic
298,000 Jobs
1875 Established

Career Support from Master Builders Victoria

Career options – Trades

These hands-on roles are obtained by completing an apprenticeship, which is a three to four-year course, involving on-the-job work with an employer as well as intermittent training with a Registered Training Organisation. Possible trades could include carpentry, bricklaying, plastering and tiling to name a few. At the end of your apprenticeship, you’ll come out with a Certificate III level qualification in your chosen trade. Undertaking a trade is also a great step towards becoming a registered builder.

Career options – Non-Trades

Non-trade roles tend to be less hands-on and could include management positions or specialist jobs including building surveying, OHS and building design. These qualifications can be obtained through a number of ways. Depending on your area of interest this could include completing a university degree, TAFE courses or a traineeship.

Career pathway advice

The Master Builders team has a wealth of knowledge about the various career options in the building and construction industry. We are able to offer guidance to students about achieving their career goals, and to careers teachers and advisers about roles in the industry.

Career expos and school visits

We participate in careers expos and provide information to schools across Victoria – our aim is to spread the word about the opportunities in construction as much as possible. If you would like us to attend your expo or event, please contact us directly.

Master Builders TAFE roadshows

We run our roadshows at TAFEs in both metropolitan and regional Victoria. These roadshows allow us to get face-to-face with trade apprentices and discuss how we can help them navigate through their careers (along with having some giveaways too!).

Apprentice of the Year Awards

Master Builders holds its own Apprentice of the Year awards series around Victoria to recognise and congratulate the achievements of apprentices. Students can be nominated by either their training provider or by a Master Builders member. Each apprentice who is nominated is shortlisted from the more than 15,000 apprentices in the industry and should be very proud of this accomplishment.


What makes the construction industry so great?

There are many reasons why going for a job in construction is a great move.

Have a read below to see our best picks.

  • With construction, you’re not bound to one job for the rest of your life. There are plenty of opportunities to develop extra skills and undertake extra training to specialise in new areas or work your way up the ladder!
  • Working on a construction project means you can see all the work you’ve done and, at the end of the day, stand back and say, “I helped build that!”
  • You can gain exposure to all types of projects, whether it’s constructing houses, schools, high-rises or roads, and see the positive impact your work has on your local community.
  • The industry is very diverse. A job in construction will give you the opportunity to work with a variety of different people in different trades and professions. What’s best, is that everyone is working together to reach a common goal.
  • You can take your skills around the world!

Each year we interview apprentices from across Victoria in our Apprentice of the Year Awards. Watch the video below to hear their favourite parts of their jobs and why they love working in the industry.

Scholarships from the Master Builders and Construction Foundation

The Foundation of MBV empowers and encourages individuals to succeed by supporting the career development of those wanting to enter or take the next step in building and construction industry.

If you are ready to take the leap and build on your career in construction, the Foundation can help. Established in 2008, the Foundation was designed to help individuals reach their potential by providing financial assistance through a range of scholarships. Financial assistance can be used towards course fees, the development of a tool kit or other resources to support your career.

Early Career Scholarship – $2,200 – This scholarship is best if you’re new to the industry. It is available to you if you would like to undertake a pre-apprenticeship, apprenticeship or other construction-related training. The funds are split into two:

  • $1,200 towards approved course fees, plus
  • $1,000 towards quality tools relevant to your trade

Previous successful applicants have used these funds towards an array of qualifications including Certificate II in Electrotechnology, Certificate III in Carpentry and Level 1 and 2 AutoCAD training.

Career Advancement Scholarship – up to $5,000 – This scholarship is best if you’re building on your existing career. It is available to you if you would like to pursue a qualification above Certificate III level or approved professional development in a construction or related field. This scholarship can be used towards training in the following subcategories; Builder Registration, Industry Need, Sustainability and Technology and Innovation.

Leadership Scholarship – up to $10,000 – This scholarship is best if you want to be a pioneer in your field. It can assist you to further your career through initiatives such as tertiary studies or research trips and enable you or your project to lead our industry into the future

The Mario Biasin Career Advancement Scholarship – up to $5,000 –  In honour of Mario, this Career Advancement Scholarship will support a worthy individual with $5,000 towards an accredited course in a building and construction-related field.

The Mario Biasin Leadership Scholarship  – up to $10,000 – The Mario Biasin Leadership Scholarship will support a worthy individual with $10,000 towards course fees in an appropriate building and construction related qualification. In addition, there will be the opportunity for you to be mentored by one of our senior industry figures and potential for work opportunities at the completion of studies.

Mario was a proud migrant, a great mentor, and a promoter of women in the building and construction industry, so preference will be given to new migrants, refugees, women and/or emerging leaders within the sector.

To apply for a scholarship, please visit the Building and Construction Foundation.

Hear from Jake Carter, a qualified electrician, to learn how receiving a scholarship from the Building and Construction foundation helped him excel in his career👇

Construction Induction Training (CIT/White Card)

Construction Induction Training (White Card) is compulsory for anyone who performs construction work in the building and construction industry. Without a White Card, you are not allowed to enter a construction site. If you’re thinking about getting a job on-site, this is your first step!


This is a one-day course delivered at the Master Builders Victoria head office in East Melbourne. During this course you will learn:

  • How to understand the OHS legal framework and guidelines in Victoria
  • How to identify and control common hazards and risks in the construction industry
  • The basic principles of risk management
  • The best safe work practices, emergency procedures and incident response
  • How to successfully communicate and report OHS issues


Each participant who completes the Construction Induction Training (CIT/White Card) course will be issued with a Statement of Attainment by Master Builders Association of Victoria (RTO Provider No. 3935) for the unit of competency CPCCWHS1001 Prepare to work safely in the construction industry.

After successful completion of the course, Master Builders notifies WorkSafe Victoria which issues the standard Construction Induction Training Card (White Card).


  • Must be 16 years of age or older in the current enrolment year (if you are under 18, you must have a permission form signed by a parent or guardian)
  • Be able to show evidence of your entitlement to study in Australia (refer to the website for details)
  • Have basic English speaking and listening skills as the course is delivered and assessed in English


If you’re keen to know more about this course or want to apply, visit or email

Master Builders Victoria Careers Hub

Are you looking to kickstart your future in the construction industry?

Designed to link job seekers with building and construction employers, the Careers Hub can help connect you with your dream job! Master Builders Victoria members are the best of the best in the building and construction industry. A job with a Master Builders member could see you on the path to success.

Why the Careers Hub?

  • Apprenticeship positions available
  • Apply directly to employers
  • Opportunities across Victoria

Visit to see current opportunities.

Our Videos

Talking to the 2021 Victorian Apprentice of the Year

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Women in Trades: THIS is Your Calling Card to Get Stuck In!
How to Supercharge Your Career in Building & Construction 🤯
Talking to the Victorian Apprentice of the Year!

Cultural Diversity at MBV

Many people have a pretty clear idea of ‘who’ works in the trades sector – but things are shaking up with more diversity than ever before!

That’s what Ken Lim, Leading Hand Carpenter with Imperial Builders, tells us in our latest employee interview.

Hear from Ken as he shares:

  • Who Imperial Builders are, what his role involves and the different types of projects he gets to be a part of.
  • How he became a Leading Hand Carpenter, what it involves and how to progress to this senior position.
  • What attracted Ken to becoming a carpenter and seeking out his career.
  • How he went against the traditional grain of pursuing a white-collar job to find his passion in the carpentry trade.
  • Some of the biggest conceptions about working in trades and why the best thing about working in the industry is the fantastic set of skills he’s developed.
  • How a trades apprenticeship is an opportunity to learn from day one, get involved, and make your career what you want it to be.

It was refreshing to hear about Ken’s career pivot and how he flipped tradition on its head to go after what he really wanted from his career – we love it! It sounds like there’s been a better time to explore where a career in trades could take you.

Find Out More

A career in the construction industry offers individuals variety and the ability to develop invaluable skills and knowledge that can be continually built upon.

There are numerous opportunities available, and the best pathway can be hard to determine with so many different career options. Master Builders is on hand to help you discover the right path and showcase the remarkable variety available across the industry!

Discover more via their dedicated employer profile right here at Explore Careers.

Gender Equality at MBAV

A career in the building and construction industry is a great choice for women. Currently, only about 13% of the construction workforce is made up of women and we’d like to see that percentage increase.

Traditionally, the industry has been seen as male-orientated in the past, but this need not be the case. 

At Master Builders Victoria, we understand that the building and construction industry offers a wide range of diverse roles that can be suited to anyone and everyone. Master Builders Victoria has been a long-standing voice in the building and construction industry. Our aim is to raise the profile of this industry as a provider of rewarding career outcomes. A career in the construction industry offers individuals variety and the ability to develop invaluable skills and knowledge that can be continually built upon. 

Women are welcomed and appointed into varied roles in both small and large construction companies and are achieving tremendous success. Take Melanie Fasham, Master Builders Victoria’s past President, as a great example. Melanie was our first female President and a fantastic role model for aspiring female builders. Her career demonstrates the success that young women can aspire to. 


Our People

Have a look at what some inspiring women have to say about how they got into the industry, the rewards of their roles in building and construction and some of their words of wisdom if you are considering a career in construction. 

Courtney Keong, Painter and Decorator 

The main reward for working in the industry is seeing the client’s reaction to your work and the happiness they get from it. Nothing beats it. 

Carly Turner, Building Surveyor 

If you have the determination and you have the motivation, then there is nothing that will stop you from achieving. It’s very easy to look at someone who has been in their career for a long time and think that it is something that cannot be achieved. But if you work hard towards it, before you know it you will be the person in those shoes. There is so much opportunity for women to not only take up working in the industry, but to thrive in it. 

Ebony Griffin, Joiner 

I tried uni, but it just wasn’t what I really wanted to do. I just knew that I wanted to work hands-on in the building industry and I found a job as a joiner. I couldn’t think of doing anything else now – I really enjoy it. 

Carley Tiller, Boilermaker

I love that I can take a scrap piece of metal and turn it into something that is strong, useful, and beautiful. I also love that my work environment changes constantly. I never get bored, everyday there is something new to learn.

Hear from Carley about her experience being a boilermaker and winning the 2021 Master Builder Victoria Apprentice of the Year Awards 👇

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