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Perin Builds Her Dream Career with Master Builders Victoria!

Perin’s passion for carpentry has been going strong since childhood, but after taking an office-based role for a construction company, she didn’t know if her dream of building houses would ever come to fruition. Thankfully, after a little nudge from her friends and family, Perin finally made the leap into hands-on construction, and she’s loving every minute! 

Now in the second year of her three-year carpentry apprenticeship, Perin works with Boutique Homes, a company under the Master Builders umbrella, to bring her clients’ dream homes to life. If you, too, want to contribute to the future homes of Australia, tune in to her interview and discover: 

  • How Perin overcame gender bias to land her dream role 
  • Her journey to State Apprentice of the Year 
  • All the best bits about a career in construction 
  • Why age and gender should never hold you back from achieving your goals 
  • How she connected with her current boss via social media (yes, sliding in the DMs can help with your job hunt)! 

Find Out More 

The building and construction industry is often thought of as a ‘boys club,’ but Master Builders Victoria is here to put those rumours to rest! Over their many years in the game, Master Builders Victoria have been working to demystify the world of construction and make it so that everyone is offered equal opportunities, regardless of age or gender.  

What’s more, their dedicated team of support staff are ready and willing to answer any questions aspiring builders might have about the industry and support the careers of existing construction workers, too! In short, they’re working towards a more accessible industry for all eager job hunters, and we think it’s time you jumped on board. 

Head over to their employer profile to kickstart your construction career today. With the Master Builders Victoria team on the case, it’ll be as simple as 1,2,3! 

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