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Don’t Wing Your Wellbeing: Put it First at KFC!

When launching your career, it’s vital to recognise that work directly influences personal success and happiness.

Imagine a workplace where your overall well-being matters—where you’re not just another employee but a valued individual.

KFC has long recognised the importance of putting employee wellbeing first. They share why it matters and how they’re ensuring their teams have everything they need in this vital workplace factor.

Why Wellbeing at Work Matters

It probably sounds like a no-brainer – of course, you want to feel good at work!

But well-being at work goes beyond being content in your role; it has a significant impact on a range of other work-related behaviours that benefit you, including:

  1. Boosted Productivity and Efficiency: When you feel physically and mentally well, your productivity and efficiency skyrocket. A workplace that offers an excellent work-life balance and supports your well-being helps you manage your workload effectively.
  2. Prioritised Mental Health: Your mental health is just as important as your physical health. A workplace that understands this and supports mental well-being helps reduce stress levels and create a positive atmosphere. When mental health resources and support are readily available, you’re more likely to seek help when needed.
  3. Job Satisfaction and Fulfillment: Wellbeing initiatives, such as flexible work arrangements and personal and professional growth opportunities, demonstrate that your employer cares about your happiness and satisfaction.
  4. Enhanced Collaboration and Team Spirit: A work environment that values your well-being fosters strong bonds with your colleagues. Feeling supported and connected to your team members encourages effective collaboration.
  5. Increased Engagement and Loyalty: When a company invests in your well-being, it solidifies your loyalty and commitment. Feeling cared for by your employer motivates you to go above and beyond.
No Winging it at KFC: How They’re Supporting Teams

KFC, a brand synonymous with deliciousness, has mastered the art of creating a crave-able customer experience and perfected the recipe for a happy and engaged workforce!

One notable initiative is the KFC Games, an annual competition that brings out the best in employees nationwide. The KFC Games is an exciting competition where teams compete to deliver the most crave-able customer experience while adhering to compliance standards.

KFC Games is all about genuine belief in people. To celebrate and have fun with our teams, recognise those who strive to be their best self, and see people make a difference through gaining the opportunity to grow and develop themselves and others. Many Managers and Area Coaches have competed at KFC games as team members, they were given the opportunity to grow and shine, and then as a result, have built great careers with KFC.

This competition encapsulates the people first nature of the business which is their PEOPLE PROMISE, encourage and support employees to be their BEST self, make a DIFFERENCE and have FUN!

Two Heads Better Than One

The Two Head Challenge is a national Cook-Off  and is not just about cooking; it’s about celebrating teamwork and recognising employees’ efforts.

It gives FSTMs (Food Service Team Member) a platform to showcase their skills and talents, boosting their confidence and engagement at work. The challenge’s competitive spirit adds excitement and motivation, making the workplace even more dynamic and enjoyable.

This initiative doesn’t stop at the store level; it escalates to franchise champions state champions, and culminates in a national championship. This progression encourages healthy competition and instils a sense of pride and accomplishment among the employees, promoting a positive work culture.

Find Out More

KFC’s commitment to fostering a positive workplace culture demonstrates how investing in employee engagement and celebrating their talents contributes to the overall well-being of the workforce.

As students preparing to enter the professional world, remember that a workplace that values employees’ well-being and engagement is key to success and satisfaction in our careers.

If you’re ready to join a company that puts your well-being first, look no further than KFC!

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