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We’re looking for originals to bring their energy, spirit, and spice to work – every single day. At KFC, we want you to be yourself, your whole self.

Come to join our family and begin your career!

In Australia, KFC serves over 2 million customers every week, making it one of the largest restaurant systems in the country. The first restaurant opened in Australia in 1968 in Guildford, NSW and employed just 25 people. Since then, our business has grown to include more than 60 franchisees, 750 restaurants and over 35,000 employees. KFC’s Restaurant Support Centre works extensively across our network to create an engaged workforce and to consult and provide guidance on operational matters to our franchisees.


750+ Restaurants
45,000 Employees
1952 Founded

Our People

As one of Australia’s largest employers, we recognise that it’s not enough to just provide employees with the practical skills needed to work at our restaurants. Our development and training initiatives teach the importance of responsibility and strong work ethic; having a positive attitude; teamwork; communication and working under pressure – skills that will serve employees well in their future. KFC is extremely proud to deliver high-quality and nationally recognised training to employees across Australia.

People Promise

At KFC, our people are our number one priority. From our Team Members and Restaurant Managers to the people in our corporate Restaurant Support Centre, we believe in giving our people an opportunity to: be your best self, make a difference, and have fun!

We want you to be Original!

We pride ourselves on being original. We even named our recipe after it. What does it mean for someone to be original? The answer to the question is simple. Be you. Everyone at KFC is different. Unique. It’s what makes us special. Our people, The Originals. And we welcome you to join us. To bring it. Bring your individuality to the table. Bring your grit and energy. Bring your spirit. Your story. Your drive and your passion. Bring it. Every piece of you. Even the parts you don’t like. Because we value our people no matter what. We’ll feed your potential, and we’ll support you; to be your best self, to make a difference, and have fun. Together, we can be part of something truly extraordinary.

Why Work for Us?

Work somewhere that makes you happy

There’s a lot of pressure on young people these days to grow up. Study hard, get into a good uni, discover your passion, pursue a career, settle down, start a family, buy a house. It’s all a little much if you ask us. And when it comes to getting that first (or next) job, that fear of making the wrong decision… of working at the wrong place, can be a little overwhelming. But what if there was a way to make the most of life now, while setting yourself up for success – in whatever you do next?


Everyone has a seat at our table

Here at KFC, we see ourselves as an equal opportunity employer – this means it’s a level playing field for all. Our work environment is fully inclusive and we strive for a workplace where diversity of thought and perspective is welcomed, sought out and developed.

No matter who you are or where you’re from, people from all walks of life are encouraged to apply to join the KFC family.

Did someone say KFC?

Make cash money with competitive pay and finger-licking benefits.

Feed your potential and build your resume without needing that unpaid internship.

Upskill for the next step without having to decide today exactly what you want to be tomorrow
(maybe you’ll find your calling here along the way).

Bring your original self to work, instead of just being another pair of hands in the production line.

Find lifelong mates, with a job that builds lasting friendships instead of getting in the way of your social life.

Traineeships with KFC

KFC is extremely proud to deliver high quality and nationally recognised training to Team Members across Australia.

KFC Traineeships offer structured training and assessment within the workplace and are required to meet the Training Package requirements leading to a nationally recognised qualification. Employees who are able to work full-time or part-time will be eligible to apply. Traineeships take from 11 months up to 2 years and combine work experience with on-the-job training.

KFC also offer School-Based Traineeships where they my get credit towards the students High School Certificate (HSC). These are available to students from Year 10.

A Traineeship may be your employees’ ticket to career progression within KFC! Our list of Above Store Leaders who have completed a Retail qualification with KFC is extensive and some have gone on further to the Graduate Leadership Program, Global Emerging Leaders Program.

Hungry to learn more? Check out our Traineeship flyer here!

Hungry to go places?

KFC offers Nationally Accredited Training with such qualifications including the Certificate II Retail Services, Certificate III Retail and Certificate III Hospitality.  Dependant on your location, different options are available to you.

How do school based traineeships work?

School based traineeships involve a mix of studying at high school, training and working.  All of these things will become part of your school timetable.  You will continue to go to school to earn your Certificate of Education.  A school based traineeship must have an impact on your school timetable, which means some of your training and work must take place during school hours.

The qualification or competencies you complete during your school based traineeship can be recorded on your Certificate of Education and will be recognised wherever you go in Australia.

Why choose a school based traineeship?
  • Get a head start on your career while still at school
  • Obtain experience in the workplace before you leave school
  • Earn money for the time you spend working
  • Work towards achieving a nationally recognised qualification
  • Assist in the transition from school to work
  • Put you a step ahead of the competition when you apply for jobs
  • Give you confidence to continue in the workplace or when engaging in further study

To find out more or apply today for a school-based traineeships with KFC, please click here.

What do we offer?


Ideal for new team members and provides team members with skills and knowledge to be competent in a range of activities and functions requiring basic retail knowledge


Ideal for team members with a good understanding of operations in the retail industry and their role in the business’s success.

*Supervision stream is available for team members who have been selected to commence shift supervisor/management training.


Ideal for Restaurant General Managers and Assistant Restaurant Managers. To be eligible you will need to be competent in all areas of the business at management level – above LAS (Leading a Shift) certified.

KFC Graduate Program


The Graduate Leadership Program seeks talented Restaurant General Managers who are interested in growing with KFC and provides customised learning opportunities to develop them into future Operations leaders within our business.

Selected Grad’s complete up to four rotations lasting approximately 12 months each. These may be in any one of our critical business areas such as:

  • People & Culture
  • Supply Chain
  • Information Technology
  • Marketing
  • Operations
  • Development
  • Finance.

Each rotation will depend on which department is able to provide you with the best learning opportunities that stretch your skill set. They will also have access to customized leadership skills training and coaching through a partnership with Integrated Development Australia. These programs allow them to grow and to be their best self by developing in many areas especially the areas of critical thinking, innovation, project management, presentation skills and self-awareness.

The program is open to Restaurant Manager who possess a complete or near-complete degree (degree completed within 12 months of part-time study), and demonstrated experience as a KFC Restaurant General Manager (preferably 12 months experience). In addition to being someone who has a proven record as a strong operations leader and people grower, demonstrate proven commitment toward self-development and career growth, display initiative and intellectual curiosity, and have a strong relationship building and partnership skills.


#myplan provides a framework to engage team members in self-reflection, self-evaluation and SMART goal setting.

#myplan is a fun, interactive web-based development tool designed to assist our young Team Members discover the opportunities in front of them by setting short term personal and professional goals both within and outside of KFC.

Every Team Member is able to share with their parent, school or guidance counsellor a detailed action plan to achieve their goals. Our Restaurant General Managers provide support to their teams to develop plans which help to grow their leadership and coaching skills in the process.

How does it work?
  • Employee module: the online module is activity-based and auto populates a goals form with short and long term goals. The module includes information on career options within KFC and steps to take to help them achieve their goals.
  • Manager module: this module assists the manager in preparing for a goal-centric discussion with the employee and also provides coaching and mentoring skills, as well as a guide as to how they can assist the employee in achieving their short and long term goals.


Our Shift leaders begin Heartstyles journey during training.

Heartstyles is a character development tool that helps identify when you’re at your best and when you are not at you’re best.  It helps understand the impact of our behaviour for ourselves and for others.

Heartstyles makes it possible for people to measure, manage and shift their personal effectiveness – building on their strengths and creating awareness about their opportunities.

Parents & Career Advisors

Initiative. Teamwork. Leadership. Confidence. Responsibility.

Young people working at KFC learn valuable life skills that help them prepare for their future careers – whether within our company or elsewhere. Through structured online and on-the-job training, our team members grow diverse skill sets and accomplish great things.

As a Registered Training Organisation, our team members have the opportunity to participate in nationally recognised traineeships and gain formal qualifications. For university students, we also offer a graduate program that involves rotating through key roles in our corporate head office.

FAQs for parents

Click here for common questions we receive from parents about working hours, entitlements and what their child should bring on their first day.


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