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Explore a Full Career Evolution with KFC

05 July 2022

From pizza delivery boy to managing one of THE most well-known hospitality brands on the planet, Richard Wallis knows a thing or two about where a career in the food service industry might land you.

Joining us to talk about his globe-hopping, multi-role-spanning career, Richard shows us there’s way more to KFC than meets the eye. As one-fourth of Yum! (one of the biggest restaurant companies in the world), the career possibilities are endless – and where you start definitely won’t be where you end up!

Richard shares with us:

  • The incredible 27-year career that has taken him all over the world in the industry.
  • Why curiosity and agility will steer you towards success more than any degree.
  • The future of the fast-food hospitality industry and the role of tech to support jobs.
  • What types of roles you could explore at KFC. From marketing to finance, training, and customer service – there’s a lot!
  • His fantastic insights and advice for anyone wondering what their next steps after school might look like.

The one thing he didn’t share? Colonel’s secret recipe (we did ask, we promise!)

Give Richard’s interview a listen; we guarantee it’ll make you hungry for more than just a Zinger box!

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