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Think Fast Food is a Dead End For Your Career? Think Again, Says Corey!

29 June 2023

If there’s one thing we can’t wrap our heads around is why working in fast food gets such a bad reputation as a career path!

It’s something Corey Quatronmani-Palu has definitely struggled with since starting his career with KFC during high school – but the reality of working in the industry is far removed from the misconceptions many seem to have.

Now an Operations Project Officer, Corey’s had the opportunity to pursue new career heights, enjoy professional and personal achievements – and most of all, have FUN daily!

Join us as we catch up with Corey and discover:

  • The different opportunities on offer with KFC and the variety of ways to grow your career.
  • What Corey’s role involves, what a typical day might look like and the types of projects he’s involved in.
  • What operations in the industry look like and how Corey supports future planning to ensure the business’s success.
  • How Corey started his career in one of KFC’s restaurants and learned how to expand his career into operations.
  • How KFC helps everyone grow, learn and develop and offers amazing leadership opportunities for those who want it.
  • Why KFC might be where you start your career, but it could also be where you grow your career!

Find Out More

In Australia, KFC serves over 2 million customers every week, making it one of the largest restaurant systems in the country.

KFC’s Restaurant Support Centre works extensively across our network to create an engaged workforce and to consult and provide guidance on operational matters to our franchisees.

You can learn more about working with KFC and the available roles via our exclusive KFC Employer Profile!

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