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Fresh, Fun & Engaging: A Career at Coles Has it All!

31 August 2023

From law to teaching, to influencing hundreds of team members as an Operation Execution Manager at Coles Liquor – Briony is using her personal skills and academic studies in all the right ways for her career!

Briony joins us in our latest employee interview to share more about what led her down her current career path and why working for Coles Liquor has been the perfect opportunity for her.

Hear from Briony and discover:

  • More about the different opportunities available for early career starters.
  • What Briony’s role involves and how she came to the position after a dedicated 11 years of working across various roles!
  • How there are lots of opportunities for development, training and growth with Coles.
  • Briony’s top advice for making an excellent first impression and making a positive mark in the workplace!

We loved chatting with Briony and learnt where you start is definitely not where you can end up in your career – in the best of ways!

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Coles is the most trusted retailer in Australia, meaning they’re reliable, responsible, and deliver on their purpose to ‘sustainably feed all Australians to help them lead healthier happier lives.‘

Coles is focused on making life easier for its 20 million customers each week by delivering unparalleled quality, value and service – and they couldn’t do it without the help of an incredibly dedicated team!

Head to Coles’ exclusive Explore Careers employer profile.

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