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Fried & Tested: Discover Where a KFC Traineeship Can Take You!

Have you ever wondered where a school-based traineeship could lead you?

Perhaps you’re considering your options, eager to embark on a journey that offers both learning and earning opportunities. A traineeship is an excellent way to kickstart your career journey and find future success, too!

KFC joins us to share the promising trajectory of a school-based traineeship, focusing on its potential to pave the way for future success.

What is a School-Based Traineeship?

A school-based traineeship offers high school students (year 10 and 11) the chance to combine their studies with practical paid work experience, while gaining a Nationally recognised qualification at no cost to you!

It allows you to gain valuable skills and qualifications while completing your secondary education, contributing towards your SACE/WACE/VCE/ATAR or equivalent.

This unique arrangement enables you to transition smoothly from the classroom to the workplace, laying a solid foundation for your future endeavors gaining new skills and knowledge that are transferable across a range of industries and employers.

KFC offers SIR20216 – Certificate II in Retail Services – ideal for new team members and provides team members with skills and knowledge to be competent in a range of activities and function across the retail industry.


SIR30216 – Certificate III in Retail – ideal for team members and shift supervisors who have a good understanding of operations in the retail industry and their role in business success.

Why Starting at Entry Level Can Lead to Great Things

Sometimes, when you look at starting right at the beginning, it can feel like you’ve got a long road ahead of you!

But we promise there are incredible benefits to starting your career with a school-based traineeship. Some of our favs include:

  • Early exposure to real-world work environments fosters adaptability and resilience.
  • Hands-on experience enhances practical skills, complementing academic learning.
  • Building professional networks opens doors to mentorship and future opportunities.
  • Developing a strong work ethic from a young age instils discipline and commitment.
  • Earning while learning provides financial independence and a head start in the job market.

Beyond a School-Based Apprenticeship at KFC

At KFC, the journey doesn’t end with a school-based traineeship; it’s just the beginning.

From management training programs to leadership development initiatives, KFC is committed to empowering its employees to reach their full potential.

Whether you aspire to climb the ranks or explore different areas within the organisation, there’s a pathway tailored to your ambitions at KFC.

Check out the following to get an idea of where you can go:

  • Pathways Program P&C, I.T & Finance:
    • Designed for talented KFC restaurant or RSC employees.
    • Complete three rotations in different department teams over 12-18 months.
    • Open to employees with 2+ years’ experience as shift supervisors and relevant tertiary qualifications.
  • Graduate Leadership Program (GLP):
    • Open to Restaurant General Managers aiming for future Operations leadership.
    • Four rotations of approximately 12 months each in critical business areas.
    • Customised learning opportunities and leadership skills training provided.
  • Global Emerging Leaders Program:
    • Multi-year program for high-potential KFC Operations leaders.
    • Requires tertiary qualification with a business major and 12 months in an Area Coach position.

Start Your Journey Today!

A school-based traineeship at KFC is more than just a job—it’s a stepping stone to a bright future.

Ready to seize the opportunity? Visit the KFC careers website to discover openings in your area and embark on a rewarding path towards personal and professional fulfilment.

Your journey starts here!

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