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Interview Coming Up? Follow Nutrien Ag’s Tips For Success!

It’s (almost!) the season! While we don’t want to alarm anyone that Christmas is only 12 weeks away, it is worth knowing that casual roles will be popping up as many employers gear up for the busiest time of year.

To help you out, Nutrien Ag joins us to share their top tips for interview success – perfect for the coming season and any time of the year!

Keep reading, and make sure you save this one for a refresh when you’ve got your next interview locked in.

First Things First: Research the Company

As well as a thorough understanding of the role, it’s important to understand the company or organisation you’re applying to.

Look at the organisation’s website for information and research into the industry.

Have there been any recent developments or trends that have been affecting the sector?

Know Your Skills

An in-depth understanding of the position you have applied for will improve the likelihood of a successful interview and ensure you feel comfortable and confident.

Having some ready examples of previous work achievements that demonstrate your suitability to the role’s requirements is key.

This includes strategising how you will introduce yourself in the interview and talk through your “story” so far.

Answering Interview Questions with the STAR Technique

An interview is a two-way discussion between you and the interviewer.

Remember to answer questions honestly, directly and concisely. Make sure to actively listen and ensure to ask any questions that you may have when it’s appropriate.

The STAR technique comes in handy to help you answer interview questions clearly and succinctly:

  • Situation – Describe a situation you were in. For example, a colleague was struggling with performance.
  • Task – Tell them what you decided to do. For example, I sat down with my colleague to discuss how I could help.
  • Action – Describe what you did. For example, I gave my colleague examples of how I improved my performance.
  • Result – Tell them what happened as a result of your actions. For example, their performance improved dramatically.

Why not practice answering the following questions using this technique:

  • What do you know about Nutrien Ag Solutions?
  • Why have you applied to this role? Why are you interested in this role?
Prepare How You Present Yourself

While you’ve been chosen for an interview based on your skills, characteristics, and experience, it’s essential that you look, act and dress professionally.

Whether you’re meeting for an interview face to face or having a video interview, ensure you have allowed enough time and are dressing appropriately for the audience.

Quick tips for professional presentation:

  • Handle logistics early. Have your clothes, resume, directions to the interview location, or details of the video interview ready to avoid any extra stress on the day.
  • If you are attending a video interview, ensure you have a plain (non-distracting background), ensure the link to your interview is working and that you are dressed interview-appropriate.
  • It’s always better to dress up a little more than dress down. Remember to opt for smart, clean and properly ironed clothing. Opt for smart shoes over sneakers, and get a parent to help if unsure.
  • If attending in person, remember to offer everyone a smile in greeting and a firm handshake (if appropriate).
  • Don’t forget to send a follow-up thank you email letting the hiring team know you enjoyed meeting them and that the interview confirmed your interest in the role.
Make Your Next Interview a Success

Preparing for an interview not only helps set you up for success but also helps you feel more motivated and confident.

Remember, landing an interview is a fantastic step in itself! It shows you’re on the right track, so even if you aren’t offered the job, it’s a good sign to keep doing what you’re doing – and keep putting in the prep to land the next role that comes your way.

Ready to Learn More About Nutrien Ag?

Reaching every corner of Australia, with a team of 4,000 experts working with farmers to solve challenges, Nutrien Ag Solutions is a globally backed business with a local focus.

Working to provide everything farmers need to grow our world from the ground up, there’s a huge world of careers to explore with Nutrien Ag!

Get started on their employer profile at Explore Careers today.

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