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Your best begins here.

For more than 160 years we’ve been helping our customers with their money and today, we have more than 32,000 colleagues serving 8 million customers at more than 900 locations across Australia, New Zealand and around the world.

While money is important, we know that it’s not what matters most. It’s the connections we share and the relationships we build. It’s the more than money experiences that really matter. That’s why our business is founded on a commitment to serve customers well and help our communities prosper. A commitment that motivates our colleagues to provide exceptional customer service by putting our customers’ needs first every time.

Through investment in our colleagues and customers, our ambition is to be:

  • Safe: By protecting customers and colleagues through financial and operational resilience.
  • Easy: By creating a simpler, more seamless and digital bank that gets things done faster.
  • Relationship-led: By building on our market-leading expertise, data and insights to foster great relationships with our customers and community.
  • Long term: By delivering sustainable outcomes for our customers, colleagues and community.

As Australia’s largest business bank, we work with small, medium and large businesses. We’re there to support our customers through every stage of their business needs. We also fund essential infrastructure in our communities (like schools, hospitals and roads) in a way that’s responsible, inclusive and innovative.


30,000 Employees
9 million Customers
900 Locations

Careers at NAB

At NAB, we believe that having a workforce that reflects our communities will only help us provide better outcomes and solutions to our customers. That’s why we embrace diversity and recognise our colleagues for who they are and the value they bring. We are proud to be an equal opportunity employer. So regardless of your gender, age, background, sexual orientation or disabilities, you are welcome at NAB.

You’ve studied hard and you’re ready to take the next step. We understand that it’s not always easy to find your way. NAB offers a number of Early Career Programs to provide you with opportunities to realise your potential and be at your best. A career with NAB is filled with many possibilities.

We have a passion for serving our customers, curiosity to learn, respect for people, and we do what’s right, even when it’s hard. We’re looking for people who feel the same way – people who look for opportunities to find better and simpler ways of doing things.


We’re driving social impact through community grants, volunteering, workplace giving and supporting Indigenous successes to create stronger communities. Our colleagues create positive impacts within their communities through their 2 days of paid volunteer leave each year.


We’re caring for our planet by adopting a sustainable approach to managing our business and helping our customers to do so too. We have committed $70bn in financing to help address climate change.


We support our colleagues to be their best by offering a wide range of financial, lifestyle, learning and development, and health and wellbeing benefits.


We have worked hard to be an employer of choice and we are proud to have been awarded the below recognition:

  • AAGE Top Graduate Employers 2021
  • AAGE Top Intern Programs 2021
  • Grad Connection Top 100 Employers 2021
  • Grad Australia Top 100 Graduate Employers 2021
  • Endorsed employer for Women by Work180
  • LGBTI Gold employer status by AWEI

Our Summer Intern Program

At NAB our Summer Intern Program strives to provide you with the skill set you need to prosper and achieve your career goals. This program provides penultimate year university students with a business placement and professional development program focused on developing the skills, knowledge and capabilities to build an exciting and inspiring career.   Post-program, students will have the opportunity to apply for our Graduate Program the following year.


Citizenship and visa requirements

You’ll need to be an Australian or New Zealand citizen, or be an Australian permanent resident at the time of applying for the program.

Tertiary education requirements

You’ll need to be in your second to last year of an undergraduate or postgraduate degree and due to complete your degree by December the following year.

Application and selection process

You’ll need to complete the application form.  This is where you’ll get the chance to tell us about yourself and nominate your chosen business area. You’ll also need to upload your academic transcript.

If you’re successful, you’ll progress to an online assessment, video interview and finally an engagement centre.

Our Graduate Program

Our graduates are provided with an accelerated rotational program supported by development opportunities to build critical capabilities, contribute to NAB strategy, develop future of work skills, undertake community activities and action plan for a successful career.


We’ll support you every step of the way with on the job experience, dedicated coaching and professional development. Our program offers:

  • Rotations and experiences in genuine roles, doing real work.
  • A four-week secondment to a business area of your choice.
  • Opportunities to get involved in enterprise-wide projects, initiatives and resource groups.
  • Opportunities to create positive social impact via community and customer engagement projects.
  • Learning and development opportunities aligned to building critical skills for the future of work.
  • Access to NAB’s Career Qualified in Banking Accreditation and Leadership
  • Ongoing coaching, mentoring and exposure to senior leaders.
  • Networking events to help you build your profile and organisational connections.
  • Support to find a permanent role in your chosen field upon completion of the program.


You’ll need to complete the application form. This is where you’ll get the chance to tell us about who you are, your skills and experience. You’ll also nominate your chosen business area.

Do your research. Understand the business area you’ve applied for and why you’re interested in a career at NAB.

You’ll need to upload your most recent academic transcript (if you’ve completed postgraduate studies, you’ll need to upload a copy of your undergrad and postgrad results). We don’t look at your GPA/WAM, your transcript is a useful reference to confirm degree discipline or major.

Meet Christine

Christine Chow | 2020 NAB Graduate

I joined NAB as a 2020 Graduate in the Technology stream. After completing my rotational program I landed a role as a software developer. My current team works in the forms space where we build customer-facing forms.

So what do you do? What is a day in the life like for you?

I work in the forms team which involves developing and maintaining some of NAB’s product application forms.  My day usually starts with a daily stand up with my team which gives us a chance to catch up and go over what we did yesterday and our plans for the day. I’d then pick up or continue working on a task that contributes to the initiative we’re currently working on, which would involve some sort of frontend or backend development. The remainder of my day would probably be a mix of meetings, pair programming with other team members, virtual lunches and must have coffee catchups

What do you love most about working at NAB?

The team culture! Everyone has been extremely supportive from the beginning, and I felt like I was part of the team and able to contribute very early on. I’ve learnt so much from my colleagues and we’re always having fun, especially on days we go into the office or when we catch up outside of work.

What makes it so special? Why is it the greatest place on earth to work? Give me 3 good reasons!

  1. Great team culture
  2. Flexible working hours
  3. Cool office spaces

Why did NAB stand out to you when you were applying for Graduate Programs? What’s the work culture like? Do you catch up with your work colleagues outside of work for anything fun?

As a fresh grad with little idea of where my degree could take me, the grad program’s offering of 2 rotations was a big standout for me. Being a part of different teams gave me the opportunity to take part in multiple projects which was a great learning experience. I was able to learn different skills and figure out what I enjoyed and didn’t enjoy doing so much. It also gave me the chance to meet so many amazing people and experience the varying approaches taken by each team– which really reinforced how great the work culture is because everyone was so friendly and supportive. I’ve made some great connections with my colleagues and other grads, and in between the many lockdowns we’ve managed to squeeze in a few drinks’ nights, mini golf and even a games night!

What does hybrid working look like for you? Is NAB a flexible place to work?

Working at NAB is super flexible especially now that we’re moving towards more hybrid ways of working. My team is mainly working from home and starting to go back into the office one or two days a week. It’s really the best of both worlds since working from home provides greater flexibility and saves so much commute time, while the days in the office ensure we still get that social interaction, collaboration, and team building.

What’s the office like?

The office is pretty awesome, with a strong focus on flexibility and collaboration so there are a lot of whiteboard walls, break out rooms and team spaces. Plus a few quiet areas for when you need some time to concentrate. With our new office in Melbourne we’re surrounded by heaps of food places so it’s really fun going out and exploring new lunch spots with the team. We’re also quite high up so we get a nice view of the Melbourne CBD

What type of skills and personal attributes is NAB looking to employ? What is going to make someone stand out from the crowd?

Someone who’s adaptable and willing to learn. Things are constantly changing in the finance industry and indeed the workplace. So, it’s good to be curious and always up for a challenge. Also, someone who’s able to work both autonomously and within a team.  We all help and support each other and jump to lend a hand during peak periods of work. But I would say that the most important attributes are an enthusiasm and passion for the work you are doing, a growth mindset to give things a go and a focus on providing the best solutions for our customers.

What would you say the future of work will look like?

Probably moving towards a more flexible working model with hybrid working becoming more popular. Technology will keep changing rapidly which will probably bring about new ways of working, communicating and changes to productivity.

What advice would you give your former high school self?

Don’t be afraid to try new things and make mistakes because it’s all part of the learning journey. Stop stressing about the future and just give everything a go. Try to make the most of every opportunity that comes your way because you never know where it could lead.


Additional Early Career Programs

We’re investing in our colleagues by providing a range of opportunities to learn and develop current and future skills to achieve their career aspirations while obtaining an industry qualification in banking.


Our IT internship is the perfect place for STEM students to build a career in Technology or Data Analytics. We offer 6 – and 12-month opportunities with verified pathways into a permanent role or fast-track to our Graduate Program. Across the program, interns are placed in real teams doing real roles, whilst also being supported with learning and development, mentoring and technical certifications.


Through our Regional and Agribusiness Graduate Program, our goal is to develop & coach recent graduates for a successful career in Agribusiness. Graduates work closely with our high performing Regional and Agribusiness Banking teams and gain firsthand experience and insight on how we use our specialist knowledge to build strong relationships with our regional and rural customers.


We provide a range of employment opportunities to Indigenous Australians such as our School-Based Traineeship for Year 10-12 students and Adult Traineeships for full-time work. Trainees complete a Certificate II in Business while gaining on-the-job experience, mentoring, and coaching.

Driving Gender Equality at NAB

Today, we have more than 30,000 people serving 8 million customers – over half of which are female.

As a signatory to the UN Women’s Empowerment Principles, we’re proud of the level of gender equality we have throughout the company.

Hiring women has never been about ‘making up the numbers’. It’s been about finding the right people for the right roles and making sure the women who work for us have the support and encouragement to reach their full potential.

We’re passionate about investing in our employee’s future success – both inside and outside of NAB. Employees are given access to leading-edge programs, courses, tools, innovative technologies and communities to grow their careers.

We recognise the need for gender equality stretches beyond our organisation. We sponsor women’s leagues within Australia’s favourite sports. And play an active role in raising awareness and providing critical support to see the end of domestic and family violence in the community.


We respect your abilities, intentions, needs and aspirations, which means you can be yourself and realise your potential.

We take pride in being a company that celebrates people for who they are, no matter how they identify. At NAB, we advocate and celebrate people of diverse sexes, sexualities and gender identities and strive to build inclusive spaces for our employees and customers. Regardless of how one identifies, it’s important to us that everyone can be their whole self. This year, we’re focussing on unlocking the power of intersectional stories.

Our NAB Pride employee resource group provides a fantastic support network for our employees who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or intersex (LGBTI+) and their allies. The group continues to raise awareness across NAB, with more LGBTI+ employees coming to work feeling happy and comfortable in their own skin.

We also work with external partners like Pride in Diversity, the only not-for-profit workplace program in the country designed specifically for the LGBTI+ community. Pride in Diversity run the Australian Workplace Equality Index (AWEI), of which NAB holds Gold employer status.

Not only do we support the NAB LGBTI+ community, but we’re committed to supporting the wider LGBTI+ community and associated events, including the Midsumma Festival in Melbourne, the Fair Day at Brisbane Pride and partnering with Pride Cup Australia to improve inclusion in sport.

Indigenous Australians

Indigenous employment program provides opportunities and pathways for talented Indigenous Australians who want to pursue a career in financial services.

While the employment programs open doors and provides training and support, our Indigenous employees work hard to create their own success.

We focus on

  • Improving our organisation’s understanding of, and respect for, Indigenous culture, and promoting financial inclusion by providing greater access to financial products and services.
  • Providing access to opportunities that lead to real jobs and meaningful careers in banking.
  • Building partnerships that enable Indigenous businesses to grow and prosper.

Invested in growth

We provide school-based traineeships for students in Years 10-12 and adult traineeships for individuals interested in a career at NAB. During the traineeship, trainees complete a Certificate II or III in Business, receive on-the-job experience at our branches and head offices around the country; and receive mentoring from our employees and external partners.

What we offer students

  • School-based traineeships for Years 10 to 12
  • Full-time traineeships once you’ve finished Year 12
  • Internship Program while you’re in university, and
  • Graduate Program after you graduate from University

There are currently no jobs available

Unfortunately there are currently no positions available at NAB, please check back soon.


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The Australian Association of Graduate Employers, 2023
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