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How Mixing Things Ups Leads to New Career Heights at NAB

12 December 2023

“I thought when you get into banking, you need a traditional financial or accounting background. However, that’s not true at all. In the graduate program alone, I’ve found graduates from all different degrees. As the world becomes more digitalised, NAB is looking for young minds to challenge the traditional thinking of banks.”

Many of you, like us, want to hear from employers who are 👏mixing 👏it 👏UP! 👏 and who are NOT afraid to do things differently.

Well, if what Mahnoor shares with us is true, it sounds like NAB is leading the way in this arena!

As a Risk Graduate in their graduate program, Mahnoor is quickly learning that NAB do banking – and careers – a lot differently than she expected.

And she’s loving it!

Hear from Mahnoor as she shares more on:

  • How she has been surprised by the innovation at NAB.
  • How it’s way less traditional than you might think for a bank!
  • What her role in risk involves, and what a typical workday might look like.
  • Why Mahnoor applied to NAB specifically, and what sets them apart from other graduate programs.
  • How the graduate program is structured and how its flexibility allows you to explore whatever you want to learn more about!
  • How the program has helped her to grow, learn, and feel supported to reach new heights in skills – and kick imposter syndrome in the 🍑!

Find Out More

NAB is more than a bank; they’re a place where anyone can find a sense of purpose, community, support and inclusion as they embark on a thriving career in the banking and finance sector.

If you want to see where they could help you take your career, head to their exclusive Explore Careers employer profile.

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