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Ashurst Grads Make a Difference: Hear From Angus Mullins

Caught our recent blog about Ashurst and their dedication to offering young legal professionals the chance to make a real difference with their skills and knowledge?

Keen to learn more about what life as a grad is really like with the global leaders?

Look no further!

We had the absolute luck of catching up with Angus Mullins, a current Graduate at Ashurst, to learn more about his experiences, life at Ashurst and why the program has been a fantastic first step for him into his future legal career.

Hear from Angus in our interview below:

How would you describe the team culture at Ashurst, and how has it contributed to your growth as a professional? 

Ashurst’s team culture is warm, friendly and strongly encourages work/life balance, with lawyers actively encouraged to make time for exercise and hobbies. For example, someone I worked with routinely went to the gym at 5 pm on Thursdays. The team I was in knew this and understood that if more work was to be completed, they would log back on after the gym.

The culture fostered at Ashurst has allowed me to fully focus on developing my skills as a young lawyer and encouraged me to prioritise my well-being and health.

What milestones or achievements have you reached while working at Ashurst?

One important achievement I reached while working at Ashurst was being able to write a client alert with a Partner in my team. This involved researching the subject matter and writing the first draft of the article, which was eventually sent to clients our team engaged with.

Being given the responsibility to work closely with a Partner was a great learning opportunity, and I was able to develop my writing skills when comparing my draft to the final article that was published.

What are your long-term career aspirations, and do you consider Ashurst an integral part of your plans?

One goal of mine that I hope to achieve one day is to work overseas for a year or two. The benefit of working at a global firm such as Ashurst is that I know I can potentially work in another Ashurst office if the opportunity presents itself.

To that extent, Ashurst plays an integral role in my career plans, as there is great appeal in being able to seamlessly transfer to another office of the same firm rather than having to join a different firm and learn all of the new systems when I arrive.

How does Ashurst promote work-life balance for its employees, particularly as a recent graduate adapting to the demands of professional life?

Ashurst does a great job promoting work-life balance for employees, particularly graduates.

Whilst there is always a mutual understanding that work needs to be completed before deadlines, which may result in unfavourable working hours, Ashurst balances this out by encouraging employees to leave the office early when work has been completed.

They also allow employees to work from home and have flexible working arrangements, understanding when employees have appointments or non-work commitments that require them to log off during the day and, from time to time, offer time in lieu.

Can you share an example of how Ashurst’s focus on work-life balance has positively impacted your well-being and performance?

One of the most impactful aspects of Ashurst’s work-life balance is its flexibility when it comes to medical appointments and other non-work commitments. Whenever I have had a dentist or doctor appointment, I have always felt encouraged to log off during the day to attend these appointments, with the only request that I inform work providers of my plans beforehand.

Being encouraged to prioritise my health greatly improves my well-being and mindset when working and is definitely a big selling point of Ashurst.

Ashurst: A Law Firm With a Difference

Ashurst is a leading multinational law firm with over 25 offices in over 15 countries.

Their exceptional team of lawyers brings high-calibre expertise, industry experience, and regional knowledge to provide precise advice and successfully handle complex multi-jurisdictional transactions, disputes, and projects, delivering outstanding outcomes for clients.

At Ashurst, you can start your legal career on an inspiring path, working alongside industry experts for international clients and utilising your creativity and diligence to solve challenges. We foster a unique culture emphasising diversity, support, inclusivity, and a passion for quality.

Ashurst aims to positively impact our employees, clients, environment, and communities. Their people-centric approach and strong values-led culture make them a trusted partner for clients and the community.

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