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Cochlear is the global leader in implantable hearing solutions for the hearing impaired. Cochlear’s promise is ‘Hear Now And Always’ – to provide recipients with the best possible hearing and support for the rest of their lives.

Around the world, more people chose a Cochlear branded hearing implant system than any other. Our employees tell us that the number one reason they enjoy working for Cochlear is the opportunity to make a difference to people’s lives. Over 400,000 people, across more than 100 countries, now hear because of Cochlear.

Cochlear develops a range of products including cochlear implants, bone conduction implants and acoustic implants, which address different types of hearing loss. Whether these hearing solutions were implanted today or many years ago, Cochlear guarantees that new technologies and innovations are available to all its recipients. The company invests over $160 million each year in research and development and currently participants in over 100 collaborative research programs worldwide.

Today, Cochlear is a global company with principal manufacturing facilities in Australia, Sweden, Belgium and the United States. Cochlear has its global headquarters on campus at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia, and has regional headquarters in Asia Pacific, direct operations in 31 countries and over 3,900 employees.

In Australia, Cochlear has manufacturing facilities in Macquarie University, Lane Cove, and in Newstead (Brisbane). We have world class research operations in Sydney and offices at Macquarie University campus to support our growing global business.

To build partnerships with leading researchers in the field of hearing health care, we are a strategic partner in the Australia Hearing Hub. Here we work with leading health care providers and academic researchers. We have also developed state of the art clinical and surgical training facilities so that we can help more people around the world benefit from hearing technology.

In a new initiative Cochlear also operates the Cochlear Care Centre in Melbourne to help our customers get the best hearing outcomes from their implantable hearing solutions.

Interested in learning more about Cochlear? Please take a look at the Summer and Autumn schools run collaboratively with Engineers Australia for students in Year 11 & 12.


35 Countries
4K Employees
1981 Founded

Life at Cochlear

We Have a Mission

We help people to hear and be heard. We empower people to connect with others and live full lives. We help transform the way people understand and treat hearing loss. We innovate and bring to market a range of implantable hearing solutions that deliver a lifetime of hearing outcomes.

Our Promise

Our brand promise is Hear Now. And Always. We have a commitment to help people achieve a lifetime of hearing.

We Have Strong Values

To be the leading global company in your field you need to know what you stand for and stand by what you know. We exist to help our customers ‘Hear now. And always’. We value customer satisfaction, professionalism, mutual respect and continuous improvement. All so that we can perform at our best and help people with hearing loss perform at their best.

We are unique in Australia

Cochlear is an iconic success story in Australia. Cochlear is the shining example of how Australian innovation can lead the world. We do world-class R&D right here in Australia. We manufacture high-technology products right here in Australia and we export them to the world. And we manage our global operations from right here in Australia.

We embrace quality

Before we can sell our products we need approval from government agencies around the world. They ask us to show that we have control over the quality of our products and the processes we use. This means we do have procedures and rules for how we do our work. And it’s for a very good reason. It’s all to ensure that we can deliver lifetime hearing to our customers.

We encourage science, technology, engineering and maths in Australia

Cochlear sponsors the Cochlear Autumn School of Engineering to provide Year 11 and Year 12 students with real insight into career opportunities in engineering. The Cochlear Foundation is a sponsor of the National Youth Science Forum. The Summer Student Program for engineering students in their second-last year of University study is the pathway to a graduate engineering career at Cochlear.

We do real work with real meaning

Highly skilled engineers and scientists at Cochlear get to do complex, technical and interesting work. And they have the satisfaction of knowing that it helps people to hear and be heard. At Cochlear, stimulating work is just the beginning.

We grow by helping our people grow

To deliver new products and services for people with hearing loss we need to keep looking for new and better ways to do things. We can only improve if our people learn new skills and develop new ways of working that haven’t been before. Our growth really is our people’s growth.

We want you to be the best you can be

We value helping our customers achieve the best they can be. We value the health and wellbeing of our customers. And we want exactly the same for our employees. We provide flexible work. We don’t ask people to work around the clock. We don’t put on dinners at work because we believe people should be spending time with those they hold dear. We incentivise our people to take leave and empower them to look after their own health.

We provide benefits for individuals

Our Cochlear Advantage benefits program provides our people with access to support, services and discounts so that they can find something that suits their personal needs.

Working at Cochlear

Our customers trust us to deliver, and it takes continued technical and scientific innovation, along with the best service and support, to meet that responsibility.

Working at Cochlear means striving to deliver the best possible hearing outcomes and helping to transform people’s lives. It’s what makes our work so interesting, challenging and rewarding. We need people with passion to drive that approach.

“Cochlear’s values really line up with my values. I’m also super-passionate about music and to know that the work that I do day to day will actually give somebody the gift of hearing is a beautiful thing.”
– Ivana Popovac, Systems Engineering Manager

Whether your passion is designing and developing pioneering technologies; working in agile teams to manufacture quality products; providing high-quality customer support; or working in any of our other business areas, you can make a significant and valued contribution.

Are we right for you?

Thanks to our employees, Cochlear is a world-renowned, multi-award-winning global company. You will be collaborating with talented, friendly and supportive colleagues who share Cochlear’s dedication to making a difference in the lives of people around the world.

Innovation is at the heart of everything we do, which leads to growth, change and opportunity in every part of the business. We run award-winning learning programs designed to help you settle in, enable you to develop and encourage you to excel.

What does Cochlear look for in employees?

At Cochlear, we are proud of our high-performance culture. We encourage every employee to take ownership of their career development from an early stage, developing the skills they need to grow, progress and achieve the best outcomes for themselves and for our customers.

Our four HEAR behaviours are integral to this. Aligned to our mission, vision and strategic goals, they provide clear expectations about the approach and behaviours required to succeed in your role. In turn, this helps us achieve our business goals and objectives.

Jobs at Cochlear

We offer exciting career opportunities in a range of fields for talented, passionate people who want to make a difference.

Cochlear™ hearing solutions transform the lives of people with moderate to profound hearing loss. Yet globally, less than five percent of people who could benefit from this technology do so.

This is why Cochlear seeks to hire people who can embrace change, demonstrate a global mindset, promote innovation, and who are not afraid to push the limits.

Where does Cochlear have career opportunities?

Founded and headquartered in Sydney, Australia, we have offices and operations around the world. This includes Cochlear Acoustics (Gothenburg, Sweden), and regional hubs for Cochlear Americas (Denver, USA), Cochlear Europe, Middle East and Africa (Basel, Switzerland), Cochlear Technology Centre (Mechelen, Belgium), Cochlear Asia Pacific (Sydney, Australia) and Cochlear Latin America and South America (Panama City, Panama).

This means there are global career opportunities in many business areas, including:

  • Audiology
  • Customer Service
  • Engineering
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Information Technology
  • Legal
  • Logistics
  • Manufacturing
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Operations
  • People Culture
  • Quality, Regulatory and Clinical Affairs (Medical Affairs)
  • Research and Development
  • Sales
  • Services

Careers in Engineering

Cochlear’s industry-leading technology transforms lives. Our engineers are at the heart of our ground-breaking work.

At Cochlear, our engineers push the boundaries of technology to make sure each generation of hearing implant and sound processor provides increased benefits to our customers and the hearing health professionals supporting them.

We understand that innovation requires significant investment. This is why we invest more than AU$160 million a year in research and development. The result is more than 100 registered patent families and multiple industry awards.

We also believe that collaboration in cutting-edge research is pivotal to innovation. Besides employing some of the world’s best engineers in our global team of more than 350 research and development staff, we collaborate with over 100 research centres in more than 20 countries.

Where does Cochlear have opportunities for engineers?

There are Cochlear engineering careers to suit people with different levels of expertise – some are highly technical, others more managerial or support functions. We offer permanent and contract opportunities in a broad range of roles including:

  • departmental managers and team leaders
  • DSP, firmware and ASIC engineers
  • device analysis engineer
  • electrical/electronic engineers
  • manufacturing engineers
  • material science engineers
  • mechanical engineers
  • mechatronic engineers
  • new product industrialisation engineers
  • process engineers
  • production engineers
  • project engineers
  • program managers
  • quality engineers
  • research engineers
  • reliability engineers
  • RF engineers
  • risk management engineers
  • software engineers
  • sustaining/product lifecycle engineering
  • systems engineers
  • systems usability engineers
  • test systems engineers
  • verification and validation engineers

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STEM at Cochlear

Change people’s lives and love what you do!

Cochlear is a world-leading, cutting-edge, medical device company that develop products that gifts hearing to the world.

An ASX top 50 company and ranked in Grad Australia’s top 100 employers, Cochlear offers an unmatched, global platform to launch your career. Our employees tell us that the number one reason they enjoy working for Cochlear is the opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives.

Cochlear develops a range of products, including cochlear implants, bone conduction implants and acoustic implants, which address different types of hearing loss.

Help people hear and be heard

We have a mission to help people to hear and be heard. Our brand line, Hear now. And always is a recognition of how essential hearing is and how it enables people to make the most of life’s opportunities. And it’s our commitment to connect them to the experiences that hearing offers and supports them on their hearing journey, no matter how their lives or the world around them changes.

Things to know

We embrace innovation

Whether Cochlear’s hearing solutions were implanted today or many years ago, we strive to continuously develop new technologies and innovations for all recipients. Cochlear invests more than AUD$180 million each year in research and development and currently participates in over 100 collaborative research programs worldwide.

We grow by helping our people grow

To deliver new products and services for people with hearing loss we need to keep looking for new and better ways to do things. We can only improve if our people learn new skills and develop new ways of working that they haven’t before. Our growth really is our people’s growth.

We encourage STEM in Australia

Cochlear sponsors Engineers Australia’s Summer & Autumn School of Engineering to provide Year 11 & Year 12 students with a better understanding of what engineering is.

There are currently no jobs available

Unfortunately there are currently no positions available at Cochlear, please check back soon.