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Did you know that Westpac has been around longer than any other bank in Australia? When we started up as Australia’s first company in 1817, our goals were to deliver exceptional service and drive economic progress. And while we’ve grown up as a company and our family has gotten bigger, our goals haven’t changed. In fact, now more than ever we want to be courageous in the market, make a difference to our world and ultimately give our customers the best possible service experience.

We’re More Than Just A Bank

Have you thought about how studying chemistry can lead to a rewarding career in business transformation? Or how a passion for music can lead to an exciting journey in Group Technology? Nina and Lucas didn’t realise their backgrounds and interests could be so transferrable. Westpac did.

At Westpac Group, we pride ourselves on investing in young Australians, supporting local communities and embracing a bold vision of transformation. When you join us, you won’t just be launching your career in a forward-thinking organisation; you’ll be helping to shape a better future for Australia.

At Westpac Group, we embrace diversity of thought. Our company is full of passionate, dynamic people such as innovators, tech enthusiasts, math masters, relationship builders and even historians!

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I’d Like To…

“I don’t think I’d like to work for a bank.”

It’s not uncommon for students to feel this way about banks. That’s probably because what you might think working for a bank is like and the reality of working for Westpac are two very different things. So, when choosing a career, rather than thinking about what you wouldn’t like, try asking yourself what you would like.

“I’d like to work somewhere innovative”

Who wouldn’t want to work somewhere with cutting edge technology, the latest in agile work practices, exciting modern people-centric offices and a commitment to sustainability? At Westpac, we know these are some of the things that make going to work each day exciting. That’s why every innovation we make at Westpac is designed around helping people. Not just to improve our customers lives but to help our own people get more out of their working lives every day.

“I’d like to work somewhere with lots of career opportunities”

You might not even know what you want to do yet. That’s why it a good idea to begin somewhere with a variety of career opportunities to explore. At Westpac, you could become anything from a teller to a cybercrime analyst, a foreign exchange dealer to an agile coach, a financial adviser to a systems architect to name just a few. Whatever your interest, it will be put to good use at Westpac.

“I’d like to work somewhere that offers training”

The world is changing so quickly it’s important to work somewhere that will help you to continue to develop your skills. At Westpac, we heavily invest in the support and the development of all our employees. Through our virtual learning environment, you’ll have access to an extensive library of modules and resources. We are a Registered Training Organisation, so your learning will be recognised under the Australian Qualifications Training framework.

“I’d rather get a job now than go to university”

Tertiary education isn’t right for everyone. At Westpac we have many roles that don’t require a degree, it’s your values, passion and attitude that are important to us. With our internal training, you’ll be able to learn skills to build a valuable and rewarding career regardless of whether you have a degree or not.

“I’m planning a degree, but it’s outside of the Accounting and Finance areas”

That’s great, but it doesn’t discount a career in banking. At Westpac, we have an amazing Graduate Program and we welcome all fields of study! Put your Engineering degree to good use in our Tech space, use your Actuarial Science degree in our Risk Division, integrate your Law degree working in our Group Operations space… We’re interested in what YOU can bring to Westpac along with your degree.

“I want to make a difference in the community”

Want to do more to help your local community? Then you’ll love working at Westpac. From the Westpac Life Saver Rescue Helicopter to our many Foundations, we have a long history of rolling up our sleeves to help build sustainable local communities. We also support employees who want to get involved. From Community Leave while you volunteer, to matching every dollar our employees donate to registered Australian charities – we’ll back your efforts every step of the way.

“I want the chance to show what I can do”

If you’re driven and ambitious, you should\ be given the opportunity to make an impact from day one. When you perform at your best for us, we’ll make sure we recognise your efforts. We love to celebrate success and use many different programs to recognise and reward our people from smaller business unit awards through to premium CEO Awards.

“I’d like flexibility in how and when I work”

Work should fit around your life, not the other way around. So, no matter what your role, we’ll look at how you can enjoy flexibility while achieving great things. It could be different start and finish times or working remotely or even job sharing. So, no matter what you have happening in your life, your hobbies or the adventures you have planned, when you work with us you can define what working means for you.

“I want to feel accepted for who I am.”

You should always be able to bring your whole self to work regardless of your age, gender, gender identity, race, accessibility requirements, sexual orientation or cultural background. At Westpac, inclusion and diversity are more than buzz words. We believe having different experiences, capabilities, insights and perspectives can lead to more innovative products and solutions for our customers and communities.

“I want an employer who cares for my wellbeing”

A good employer should consider your overall wellbeing. We believe our work environment and benefits are a testament to our commitment to our employee’s individual wellbeing. Beyond generous leave and flexible working options, our employees and their families can also access discounts on a wide range of banking, wealth products and services including when purchasing or insuring a home or a car or saving for the future.

Grow your career with us

If you want to work for an organisation that will nurture your talents and help you grow your career, you should be working with us. Our goal is to build a diverse workforce of amazing talent which means that when you work with us, you can be sure we’ll commit ourselves to helping you take your career as far as possible.

It’s this commitment to caring for our people’s wellbeing and development that contributed to Westpac Group being awarded No. 1 in the 2019 LinkedIn Top Companies List.  A list that honours the 25 most sought-after companies nationwide and celebrates the companies “Where Australia Wants to Work Now”.

Freedom to start here and go anywhere

Imagine the sort of workplace where you can start in Sydney working for St George, move over to Asia for Westpac, before settling in Adelaide with a role in BT Financial Group. When you work with us, this will be your workplace. Westpac Group houses a range of respected businesses, so you’ll have the benefit of abundant career pathways without the pain of changing employers, starting new and losing hard-earned benefits such as leave.

A culture where success is celebrated

When you perform at your best for us, we’ll make sure we recognise your efforts. We love to celebrate success and use many different programs to recognise and reward our people, from smaller business unit awards through to the premium CEO Awards.

Bringing future leaders and established experts together

If you like the idea of learning the ropes from someone who has seen it all or sharing your vast knowledge, you’ll appreciate our commitment to mentoring. We actively encourage mentoring across the business, and we’ll make it easy for you to be involved – either as a mentor or a mentee – through a dedicated online portal.

Creating and inspiring leaders at all levels

Here at Westpac you’ll be encouraged to learn how you can grow as a leader and motivate your team, no matter what your role is. And if you’re in a people leadership position, you will be developed through our People Leaders Resource Centre which includes training programs, coaching techniques, assessments and learning resources.

Power to learn what you want, when you want to

We want you to take charge of your career, and you’ll be able to do this through our virtual learning environment that delivers a range of training modules and resources. Of course we are a Registered Training Organisation, so you can feel sure that your learning will be recognised under the Australian Qualifications Training framework. In fact, in the last three years alone we’ve already helped over half our bankers achieve externally recognised professional qualifications.

Our Vision

Westpac’s vision is “To be one of the world’s great service companies, helping our customers, communities and people to prosper and grow.”

Our Values

To help us make our vision a reality, we’re guided by our five core values of:

  • Integrity – we earn trust by demonstrating the highest standards of honesty and ethical behaviour
  • Service – we are here to help and delight our customers
  • One Team – we collaborate to deliver the best outcomes for our customers and the company overall
  • Courage – we challenge the status quo and find a way to make things better
  • Achievement – we strive for excellence and deliver results

Westpac Young Technologists Scholarship

Are you intrigued by technology and how it can change the world for the better?

Westpac Young Technologists Scholarships are designed specifically for high school graduates who are passionate about technology and eager to explore its potential for good. We’re looking for curious young minds, open to new ideas and untapped opportunities. If this sounds like you, let’s make it happen.

Recipients receive $5,000 per year over three years to go towards any costs associated with your studies. But that’s just the start. Westpac Scholars Trust will help you develop into a stronger leader, provide internships and introduce you to unique networking opportunities; including a 5-day leadership program in Singapore.

The Westpac Scholars Trust awards 35 Young Technologist scholarships every year across our five university partners. Our university partners include; University of Wollongong, Western Sydney University, Queensland University of Technology, RMIT, and Murdoch University.

Want to find out more about how to apply? Visit our website.

Our Videos

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Indigenous Careers at Westpac Group

At Westpac Group we are committed to creating a workplace that supports long-lasting and meaningful careers for everyone. Through Westpac Group’s Reconciliation Action Plan we are committed to creating employment pathways for Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander peoples.

How we’re supporting our Indigenous community

We know that part of building a better future for all Australians is to support Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people to prosper and grow. Westpac Group have a dedicated Indigenous Careers Team to help with:

  • Creating as many employment pathways as possible
  • Supporting the career development of Indigenous employees, interns and trainees
  • Making sure that we retain great Indigenous talent through career development opportunities (eg: mentoring programs, short-term secondments and leadership courses) 

School-based Traineeships

If you’re still at school and looking to gain experience in the financial services industry, a School-based Traineeship could be the right program for you. Gain paid part-time employment during years 11 and 12 and receive training that counts towards your HSC or equivalent. You’ll come away with practical workplace skills in the banking and finance sector, and a nationally accredited qualification.

Full-time Traineeships

If you’ve finished school and are looking to gain experience in the financial services industry, a Full-Time Traineeship could be the right program for you. Completing the traineeship means you’ll get a nationally accredited qualification along with paid employment. To qualify you’ll need to have had previous work experience, but it doesn’t have to be relevant to the financial services industry.

When you complete our programs you’ll have the possibility to further your qualifications or apply for a permanent role within Westpac Group.

Let us know you are interested by contacting the Indigenous Careers Team at

Employee Spotlight

We take a look at the career journey of Westpac Group employee Tegan Burke, from School-based Trainee to Bank Manager.

Meet Tegan

Tegan, can you tell us a bit about who you are and where you’re from?

I’m a proud Kalkadoon woman from Cloncurry in North Western Queensland, a small community consisting of only 2700 individuals.

What is your current role within Westpac Group?

I am currently the Bank Manager of Westpac Surfers Paradise in QLD. I’ve been with Westpac Group for just over 7 years and was the youngest Personal Banker for Westpac at the age of 17.

How did you get started in Westpac Group?

I started my career in the bank since grade 10 of high school and had an amazing opportunity to progress through an Indigenous School-based Traineeship Program.

I was the first member of my extended family to graduate Grade 12 and complete a Traineeship simultaneously.

My first role within Westpac Group was as a Teller, where my responsibilities included working Front of House as the face of Westpac. I was the first person customers saw as they walked through the doors. I also spent my days servicing the cash machines, assisting customers with their cash related enquiries and guiding customers to specialists with more complex banking needs.

How did you find out about career opportunities at Westpac?

I have been an incredibly motivated individual from a young age. I reached out to the Indigenous Support Teachers at my school consistently and completed a multitude of external work placements until I found the right fit. This led me to the School-based Traineeship program at Westpac.

How would you describe your career journey at Westpac?

My career within Westpac Group has been an incredibly educational experience. The company motivates me to be the best version of myself. Westpac has a fantastic workplace culture whereby you are inspired to be yourself amongst such a diverse organisation. I have always felt as though I belonged, regardless of my background.

Can you tell us a little about how you have hosted your own Indigenous Trainee?

As a Bank Manager, I myself have now had the opportunity to host an Indigenous Trainee within our team. I brought them under my wings and have helped mentor them through the bank. I plan to guide them along their journey and continue to be their support and mentor whenever needed.

What advice would you give to high school students looking to kick start their careers?

Back yourself consistently. Realise that every opportunity that is presented can potentially be the beginning of something great. Once you show dedication and get your foot in the door, you can set yourself up for life if you stick to it and show your worth. If I can do it then you most certainly can do it too.

STEM at Westpac

What Is STEM?

It’s no secret that the way we live and work is changing. Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths are influencing the way we work more than ever before, with rapid advances re-defining the skills and capabilities needed for the future. Westpac is committed to preparing its people, communities and its customers for what’s to come.

We’ve always known that success in the education of these subjects will promote valuable skills, but now they’re essential. With an estimated 75% of new Australian jobs requiring some form of STEM skill, it’s no longer an optional extra.

As Australia’s first bank, we want to help Australians prosper and grow by removing barriers to education – opening up a workforce that embraces the digital revolution. We believe this is an essential investment in people, business, and banking of the future.

This is an exciting time and we can’t wait to see how we can help build a STEM-confident nation that will influence our future and help drive us into our third century.

STEM at Westpac

Westpac’s Commitment

Our Westpac STEM Commitment is a framework for change and demonstrates Westpac’s investment in the people, ideas and organisations that shape our nation – an investment we have been making for 200 years and one that we intend to continue to make for the decades ahead.

We will continue to invest over $150 million in education and initiatives that build a STEM-confident nation including the Westpac Scholarship Program, Mathspace, Code Camp, Westpac STEM Girls Work Experience Program, Westpac PhD STEM Program and Westpac Innovation and Research Collaborations.

We will continue to develop job-ready graduates with skills and capabilities to meet current and future workforce needs by increasing and diversifying our tertiary pathway programs. We will help overcome the diversity challenge by providing up to 100 girls with practical business and STEMrelated work experience.

We will empower our employees to donate or volunteer their support to STEM skilled volunteering and other mentoring programs.

We will keep identifying opportunities for collaboration with universities and investment in technology to support and accelerate entrepreneurs, partners and suppliers.

LGBT+ at Westpac

Unique individuals

Everyone has the right to feel comfortable to be themselves when they come to work.  For our LGBTIQ people, that means offering a safe and respectful work environment where everyone is treated equally and feels included and valued.

In 2019 we were pleased to introduce additional support for transgender and gender diverse employees. This included the introduction of up to 4 weeks paid and 12 months unpaid leave in addition to existing leave entitlements.

In 2018 Westpac achieved the highest ‘Platinum’ status in the AWEI (Australian Workplace Equality Index) awards, recognising our achievements in making Westpac Group an inclusive place to work.

How we’re supporting our LGBTIQ community

Our employee action group GLOBAL is for our LGBTIQ colleagues and allies and has over 2,500 members in all states and territories in Australia, New Zealand and at our other international locations.

The GLOBAL group features an employee-led leadership team focused on raising awareness and providing support to LGBTIQ colleagues across Westpac Group.

We celebrate and acknowledge major dates on the LGBTIQ calendar including Wear it Purple Day, International Day against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia and are active in many Pride events in Australia and overseas including WA Pride, Midsumma and SA Feast Festival.

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