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The future is an exciting place. Could you answer the questions of tomorrow, today?

As technology transforms the way we all live and work, your success will be defined by your mindset as well as your skillset.

When you have the right mindset, you are better able to adapt, manage through change and lead. The right mindset puts you in control of your growth, career path and future as you continue to learn and acquire new skills. Your curiosity, open-mindedness and enthusiasm will help to shape your future and ours.
We bring extraordinary people, like you, together to build a better working world.

Discover the legacy EY is seeking to create.

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Industry Videos

Go behind the scenes with our industry career videos to find out more about some of Australia's most popular jobs.

EY Assurance - Samantha's career journey
EY Assurance - Samantha's career journey
IA at EY - Meet the team
IA at EY - Meet the team
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At a Glance

Bring your thinking to a global stage

At EY, share your ideas with more than 280,000 colleagues around the world. Like you, each person brings a different point of view. We listen to and value each and every member of our team.

Create your future

With some of the largest clients and most interesting projects, both locally and globally, our dedication to development ensures you can achieve your aspirations. No matter what you want to become, make sure you give yourself the best start possible. We can help you to create your future by becoming a professional in a particular field or by giving you the opportunity to apply your key strengths to industries that you have a particular interest in.

Choose your adventure

Whether you’re at school or an undergraduate, we’ll help you discover what we offer and what you’re capable of. We offer a range of programs for students: Career Compass, Cadet, Game Changers Club, Vacationer, Co-op and Graduate.

Busting the myth

Developing excellent relationships and delivering effective business solutions requires people from many different subject areas – not just accounting or commerce. Our people have a range of degrees, including human resources information systems, information technology, computer science, engineering, law, science, environmental studies, actuarial studies, economics, finance, maths, arts and psychology.

Be successful

At EY, there is no one path for everyone. You’re encouraged to create a path that reflects your individual talents and aspirations. We assess your individual strengths and development needs and provide a tailored framework to advance your progress. We’ll work with you to help you succeed professionally and personally.

EY and you

Learn through our structured, formal programs. You’ll be supported to achieve professional certification. Coaching will nurture you in your day-to-day work. Get feedback, counselling and mentoring from experienced people who can help and show you how to realise your talents and aspirations.

Be rewarded

We’ll reward you for your work and your commitment. Here are just some of the benefits you’ll enjoy during your first few years — and beyond:

  • flexible leave
  • career breaks
  • corporate discounts
  • salary packaging
  • study assistance
  • employee assistance program
  • health and wellbeing programs

Feel included

In our inclusive work environment, everyone’s opinion is listened to and valued. You’ll be encouraged to build strong relationships across the world and seek diverse opinions. You’ll gain perspective and insights that will help you provide better answers for your clients.

Giving back

Through our EY Foundation programs, EY has shown an ongoing commitment to sharing the responsibility of caring for the community. Whether it’s for local businesses, disadvantaged people or the environment, we volunteer our skills and time to give back to those in need. Together we can build a better working world.


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Take control of your career

Whether your future lies in Assurance, Tax, Transactions or Advisory, we’ll provide the learning, experiences and coaching you need to become a successful professional. At EY, there is no one path for everyone. You’re encouraged to create a path that reflects your individual talents and aspirations. We’ll work with you to help you succeed professionally and personally. With EY you can influence the future of your career, the businesses you work with and even the world you live in.

Your journey starts here

Providing excellent relationships and delivering effective business services requires people from many different subject areas — not just accounting or commerce, but law, human resources, technology, science, actuarial studies and engineering degrees as well.

Hear from our Graduates and Vacationers

Jeremy, Canberra

“A career in professional services is a career that can open so many doors. EY is great at providing opportunities to help you grow both as a person and as a professional. You get to work with a fantastic group of individuals that challenge you and want you to succeed. The best experience I’ve had at EY so far has been Grad camp – getting to meet our cohort of assurance graduates, learning some valuable skills and hear from leadership, which was fantastic.”

Rachel, Melbourne

“Something I really appreciate about EY are the opportunities for formal and informal learning. As a graduate, we had a 3-day graduate training program in Sydney, with people from all over Australia and New Zealand. This included training on basic consulting skills and business writing, as well as daily social activities. It was also a fantastic opportunity to meet other graduates in different locations. The working environment here is fast-paced, and the team is full of motivated, energetic people who I am constantly learning from. Within my current project team, we work flexibly on an ad-hoc basis, working around individual commitments as they come up.”

Emma, Perth

“The best thing about the EY vacationer program for me was the ability to ask as many questions as I’d like, and to delve into as many areas of EY as possible. You’re given the opportunity to meet several extraordinary people, catch up for lunches and evening drinks, along with gaining some valuable insights from those who have achieved so much in their careers to date. Take every opportunity that is offered, you won’t regret it once! You’ll not only come out having shown EY what you’re truly capable of, but you will have made some friendships along the way that will last a lifetime.”

Your exceptional EY experience begins here

Once you’ve finished high school, there are many programs that you can get involved in at EY to kick-start your career.

The exceptional EY experience. It’s yours to build.

The Cadet Program offers you an experience that will help you accelerate your development as you combine work with study to get the best of both worlds.

The Game Changers Club explores how your skills could build into your future career. You’ll network with business leaders and EY professionals who’ll share insights and stories about the decisions they’ve made in their careers.

The EY Career Compass Program allows you to explore the endless career opportunities within the EY organisation and will help you make smart decisions about your professional career.

The EY Vacationer Program is a great way to experience the working world and gain valuable experience, skills and networks to start building your career. Show us what you’re capable of and you may be invited to join us after graduation in a full-time position.

The EY Graduate Program will propel your career forward, helping you to build the future you want. We’ll challenge you to be curious and innovative, providing you with ongoing training and support to help you shape your career.

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