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Explore the First 60 Days as a Graduate at EY!

03 May 2024

My first 60 days…by Shrey

Hello, my name is Shrey, and I recently completed my Bachelor of Business major in Accounting from Western Sydney University, Sydney Australia. I’m currently working in the Financial Services Audit team at EY and wrapping up my last week working on an Insurance engagement.

My initial week was quite straightforward, as I dedicated my time to engaging with online training modules to enhance my theoretical knowledge. I also took advantage of networking opportunities by attending various EY events. A few weeks later, I had an opportunity to work on an engagement where I gained deeper knowledge about EY software, encountered new terminology, and learnt various methodologies used at EY.

One notable highlight I’d like to share is my recent opportunity to represent EY at a career fair. It was a full-circle moment for me, having once attended such events as an eager student with questions, and now having the privilege to represent EY.

Being a working professional in one of the Big 4 organisations is surprising in itself. Transitioning from a full-time student to a full-time working professional has been a significant change, but the welcoming nature within the organisation has made the transition smooth.

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting incredible individuals who have generously shared their guidance and knowledge and never tired of answering my numerous questions.

With profound gratitude, I extend my thanks to everyone who has helped in my growth and learning journey since joining.

My first 60 days…by Will

Kia ora, my name is Will Smith. I attended Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, where I majored in accounting and information systems with a minor in finance. I am a graduate in the Transactions Tax (TT) team. TT is uniquely positioned within the EY organisation as we bridge the Tax and Strategy and Transactions  service lines.

My first week was a real rollercoaster. The first couple of days were the standard onboarding and e-learnings to get me up to speed on the culture, expectations, and systems at EY. However, by the end of the week, I was on multiple engagements, which introduced me to clients and teams from around the world.

The professional experiences of the Graduate Programme have been incredibly rewarding. In the past few months, I have met partners from around the world and leaders in the industry. What keeps me coming into the office every day is the people. The graduate cohort this year has been great, and there is a social activity every week.

There haven’t been too many surprises since I started, some of which come down to my internship experience. Mostly, I’ve been really impressed by how willing everyone is to lend a hand to graduates, regardless of their own workloads. So far, the EY Graduate Programme has been an amazing experience.

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