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Harvey Norman, Domayne and Joyce Mayne offer many possibilities to advance your career with over 220 locations in 8 countries.

Develop your retail skills alongside over 12,000 employees globally in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Slovenia, Croatia, Ireland and Northern Ireland.

You’ll learn from those who are the forefront of innovation to quickly identify emerging consumer products, new technologies and market trends.

Enjoy the benefits of being part of a dedicated team who celebrate diversity and promote job flexibility and a work/family life balance.

Work with people who really pride themselves on delivering Great Service, Always!

Feeling passionate about the opportunity for an exciting career in retail? Now is the time to take the next step!

Why work for us?

A great range of benefits is just another reason to start your career with Harvey Norman, Domayne or Joyce Mayne.


Take advantage of working around retailers of the latest product innovations and style for every room of your home. Employees are given the opportunity to make discounted purchases on a great range of products and services


Employees have access to the latest technology such as laptops, tablets and smartphones.

After 6 months of employment, employees may be eligible to salary package from their pre-tax salary for the latest technology including a laptop, tablet or smartphone


Employees can take advantage of a competitive, convenient and comprehensive Novated Lease program. This allows you to drive the car you want, and save on expenses and tax in the process.


Harvey Norman, Domayne and Joyce Mayne celebrate and harness diversity and promote job flexibility and a healthy work and family life balance.

Our Roles

Harvey Norman is made up of many departments, each holding a variety of different roles working together to help the business run smoothly. Read about some of our roles to find your Harvey Norman fit!

Head Office

Harvey Norman Head Office offers a diverse range of roles that work together to support the New Zealand business. Harvey Norman is proud to support employees through growth and career progression, with many of our head office staff being promoted from within our stores. No matter your skill level or experience, you will be able to find your fit in one of our many teams, the options are limitless!

Assistant Store Manager

You’re building your career. You will provide support to your proprietor in implementing store promotions, events and the management of employees. You resolve issues quickly, fairly and motivate your team to meet their targets, driving the achievements of your overall sales team. You are a helping hand in all areas of the store, able to adapt to wherever you are needed most.


Heights and heavy things are no match for you! Our warehouse teams work efficiently to ensure all stock is stored safely and securely. This means using machinery to store items on higher shelves, so safety is of the utmost importance. You will also develop your customer service skills by providing great service when people are collecting their items.


Organisation is your gig. Our administration teams are the heart of each store, providing crucial administrative and reconciliation support to each of the departments. You will be a number and spreadsheet person who is able to identify issues and work with others to ensure they are resolved by set deadlines.

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Meet Kathryn

Proprietor Bedding, Harvey Norman NSW

Harvey Norman is not like any other multi million dollar public listed company, there is very much an open door policy. I have had great opportunities to talk with people, whom I believe if you were in another company would not have the time for people in store world.

Tell us about your career journey?

I started with Harvey Norman when I was in year 10 during a week of work experience.

My first official job was at the Castle Hill Franchise as an Electrical and Computers cashier Thursday nights, Saturdays and Sundays.

I then went to university in Armidale and became very fortunate to receive assistance from the Harvey Norman HR team in finding a job every time I came back to Sydney for my uni holidays.

These roles were in the following areas: Instant Images, Payroll, HR, Accounts and Computers

I then went on to roles in the Franchisor Office including a full time role as the Assistant Coordinator for Bedding before an opportunity came up to work on reception.

Three years ago I was given the incredible opportunity to go back to the Franchise to see if I would like to become a Franchisee.

As I had worked in the Franchisor Office I worked within all areas of the business to see which one I preferred to be a part of. I started in the Electrical Franchise, North Ryde, Domayne Bedding Franchise, North Ryde, Harvey Norman Bathrooms Franchise Castle Hill and Harvey Norman Furniture Franchise Liverpool.

During my time I had always felt I wanted to live overseas before I got to the point of ‘I should have’ or ‘I wish I had.’ I really wanted to live overseas but at the same time I did not want to leave the company (as you can see what the company and it’s people had already done for me).

A remarkable opportunity arose where I was able to go to live in Ireland and work for Harvey Norman in Swords. I had a spectacular time living, travelling and working there for a year. The people I met will be friends for a very long time.

When I returned to Australia I was given a remarkable opportunity on the ‘Proprietor In Training Program’ to work for the Harvey Norman Bedding Franchisee and his team at Auburn.

After spending time in various roles , I finally realised my passion is within Bedding for Harvey Norman and cannot wait to see what Harvey Norman has in store for me in the future.

I have met some incredible people along my journey who I will always thank for their time. Each and everyone has taught me something that I will carry into the future.

What support have you had in your career development?

Harvey Norman has given me the opportunity to find my passion. I have been very lucky in being a part of so many different roles. I was never 100% on what career I should take once I left school and Uni. Harvey Norman gave me the chance to search for that career.

I loved learning each one as it has made me see how the Harvey Norman puzzle pieces create the bigger picture. How one job flows onto another person’s job.

I think we participate in training everyday but the ‘Proprietor In Training Program’ is proving to be extremely beneficial. It’s a fantastic learning experience.

What have been some of the highlights of your career to date?

Recently I have been appointed to the position of Bedding Proprietor at Harvey Norman Nowra.  I have been fortunate to be able to travel and experience a position I have worked very hard to reach.  Everyone in the Nowra store has been extremely helpful as it is a different experience when you are in a shop by yourself.  Once arriving in the store I have realised even more that the support network is next to none.

Meeting so many smart and talented people has been a definite highlight.

Meet Dave

Operations Manager, Warrawong Computers, Joyce Mayne

Tell us about your career journey?

I started out as a casual working just 3 times a week. It was not long until I was making the franchise the 2nd highest amount of money. The Franchisee was extremely happy so he promoted me to a full time sales role. Sales increased and a slew of customer compliments came rushing in. I was then promoted to Product Care Captain as I had a high success rate with this service. One year later the 2IC moved on to their own franchise and the role became available. I showed my interest to the Franchisee and was chosen as the replacement 2IC. I spent a year and a half as 2IC and then moved to a behind the scenes role ‘Operations Manager’. Funnily enough the customer compliments did not stop.

What support have you had in your career development?

Working at Joyce Mayne has allowed me to become a more confident person. Most of the job is talking and interacting with other people so social skills naturally dramatically improve. In terms of training I have done a lot to increase my effectiveness to the business. I have been to conferences, workshops, award nights, game nights and dinners either hosted by Joyce Mayne or suppliers. There is also online training that has helped me.

What have been some of the highlights of your career to date?

My favourite part of the job is definitely the interaction with others. I have so many customers specifically come back and ask for me every time. I also love surprising customers by remembering their name. It almost always guarantees you another sale. One memorable trick that I do all the time is if I know I have served someone but can’t pick their name. I try and remember what I have sold them. So I check the ledger for that product in POS, find their invoice, and surprise them by greeting them by name. I have seen some awesome reactions. One time there had been over a year since I had served them and that absolutely blew them away.

Meet Maddyson

Proprietor Furniture & Homewares, West Gosford NSW, Domayne

Tell us about your career journey?

I started in my career within the Bedding Proprietor at Harvey Norman Caringbah as a casual while I studied at University.  I really wasn’t enjoying my Uni course. One day I was talking to the Franchisee about it and she explained to me about the Franchisee program and I knew that was the career I wanted.

I started working for the Harvey Norman Caringbah Bedding Franchisee full time as the Customer Service Manager. When the Franchisee took on a franchise at the Domayne Alexandria complex, I went with her as a Franchisee in Training, and worked as the 2IC in Homewares. As a team we have moved again to Domayne the Belrose Franchise where I worked as the Customer Service Manager.  I was very fortunate to then get the opportunity of a lifetime to run my own Furniture Franchise @ Domayne West Gosford – where I am currently still working.

What support have you had in your career development?

I get a real sense of family because everyone supports each other. From the moment I had my sights set on becoming a Franchisee, I have always felt supported. I have gained priceless knowledge from working alongside my boss who has been a Franchisee for over 20 years. She has been like my ‘work mum’ and has encouraged me to learn as much as I can about retail and the business, inspiring me to study via correspondence.

I have attended Franchisee in Training (FIT) conferences which were absolutely fantastic – they covered everything from interviews and creating team environments to understanding the management reports and getting the most out of your business.

The Support Office team has always been there to answer any questions, and guide me in the right direction.

I was even given the opportunity to understand the back end by working in the Support Office which definitely made me appreciate all the hard work they do to help out us at the front end!

At 23, I feel really fortunate to be given an opportunity to have a career with a successful brand and lucky to be surrounded by people that believe in me and want me to succeed.

What have been some of the highlights of your career to date?

One of my favourite parts of my job is that every day is different. The world of retail is constantly evolving and changing to suit the demographic which is really exciting. Although working for Domayne is hard work – it is very rewarding. Only a small percentage of people can honestly say they enjoy going to work every day, but when you enjoy what you do and are surrounded by a team of friends it’s hard not to love it!

I have had some incredibly memorable moments over the years from attending Trade Nights and the Domayne Summer Launch event, to filling in at Support Office but by far the highlight of my career was when I was told I was to takeover my own Franchise.

Graduate Program

At Harvey Norman, your Graduate journey will challenge you, reward you and expose you to all aspects of retail store operations. All with one of Australia’s leading retailers with international success.

Today’s Grads, Tomorrow’s Leaders

From Day 1 of this 12 -18 month journey, you will learn from the best Proprietors in the business. They will guide and mentor you as you learn what it take to run a successful retail franchise.

You will learn about the operations of the Harvey Norman, Domayne or Joyce Mayne brand. Throughout your journey, you will be exposed to different lines of business such as Electrical, Technology & Entertainment, Furniture, Bedding, Bathroom and Tiles and Flooring. You will learn first-hand what it takes to be a leading retailer – from customer service and tracking sales to people management and leadership, plus everything in between!

Read Matthew’s story for insight into a day in the life of a Harvey Norman Graduate.

Life as a Grad

Matthew R
2017 Graduate, Now Proprietor of Harvey Norman Bedding Hornsby


My day usually starts with a decent commute through Sydney’s well-known traffic. I try and keep occupied by listening to podcasts or planning what I want to get done once I get to the store.


I start my day by going through any of the emails that might have come through from suppliers, my Proprietor or customer inquiries. I write down a list of tasks/goals for the day and what I will focus on. I am currently working in the customer service/operations role which gives me the opportunity to focus on the operational side of the business particularly on how to manage stock, process wages and rosters as well as administration responsibilities.


Having responded to relevant emails and completing any urgent tasks, I try and meet with the team. As we are only a small group, catching up one on one is common. Today we chat about an order that needs to be followed up with the supplier, as well as a new range of products that has just been introduced and set up in store.


One of the most rewarding parts of the job, is helping customers and explaining the great range of options within some of our product range. I have only recently started within the Bedding category, having completed rotations in Electrical and Furniture, however I find it can be a great feeling to show our customers different product features and options, in this case showing the different timber stains on an Australian made bedroom suite.


After having a quick lunch break, I get started reviewing and analysing the inventory levels and product lines within the Manchester department. This will form part of the development plan to improve my understanding of the business. I will work closely with my Proprietor to create a plan to improve sales, stock holdings and reduce aged stock in preparation for half yearly sales. This also gives me the opportunity to work with suppliers, in particular identifying trends, reviewing new products and driving sales.


After realising that I have spent too much time on the development plan, I quickly get back to my set of tasks that I need to complete. This can be different every day, ranging from developing in store advertising to ordering uniforms or even constructing a bed. Today I get the chance to call a customer to chat about their recent experience after organising a replacement for their bed.


While I can tick off most of the things on the list, I have plenty of tasks left to do. I try and review what I managed to achieve and what I thought could have been done more efficiently. Despite not getting everything that I wanted to finish completed, one of the most rewarding parts of my job is being able to work on both long and short term goals, like helping a customer choose their dream bed, and at the same time working toward developing my business skills through a development plan.

How Do I Apply?

The Application Process

Stage One  |  Submit Online Application
Stage Two  |  Questionnaire / Video Interview

Once we receive your completed application and you qualify, we will send you an invitation by email to complete a written questionnaire or participate in a video interview so we can put a face to a name. Keep an eye on your inbox and make sure you smile for the camera! We look forward to seeing you!

Stage Three |  Today’s Grads, Tomorrow’s Leaders Event & Interview

If you are successful after the online application and video interview, we will invite you to participate in some group activities so you can meet some our successful business leaders and we can discover if you have what it takes!

Stage Four |  Final Review & Offers

After a final review and reference checking, offers of employment will be made to the successful candidates.

There are currently no jobs available

Unfortunately there are currently no positions available at Harvey Norman, please check back soon.