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Transport & Logistics

Drive your career from the floor up!

Who we are is deeply rooted in where we have come from…

It all started in 1978 with a couple of free-thinking entrepreneurs who didn’t care much for rules. As a start-up they challenged the establishment and always took care of their own. Many years on and that rebellion and people-first philosophy are still deeply ingrained in our DNA.

Today, Mainfreight has matured into a sophisticated global supply chain business. With our fast-growing team of 8,000+, we compete with the some of the world’s biggest names in transport and logistics. Our operations span 260+ branches, in 25 different countries around the world.

We got to being a $2 billion-plus global business by having a real hunger for success, sharing our goals with everybody on the team and promoting our own. To keep ahead of the pack, we look for people who have the same fire in the belly as our founders.

We are in the business of global supply chain logistics…

…put simply, we partner with our customers to provide the full spectrum of international air and ocean, warehousing and domestic transport business to business services. These divisions pull together to deliver the best supply chain solutions for customers.

We have teams that focus specifically on different areas of the supply chain:

Air & Ocean

• Air and seafreight

• Import and export

• Customs clearance

• Perishables

• Trade facilitation


• Pick and pack

• Hazardous substances

• Inventory management

• Food grade warehousing


• Nationwide and metro

• Dangerous goods

• Full truck load and intermodal

• Wharf cartage

Supply Chain

• Global visibility

• Project logistics

• Supply chain analysis

• EDI business solutions

We’re a business that’s as much about problem-solving for our customers as we are about physically moving their freight. Today our business revolves around clever thinking, smart technologies, international logistics and above all, people.

Our business is about creating more leaders, not followers…

We hire people for their personality, intelligence and guts – and we give them the freedom to be who they really are.

The same goes for our development framework. It’s about developing you as an individual – not a cookie-cutter version of who we think you should be. It’s about helping you build a set of professional and life skills that will equip you to take on any role in this business, anywhere in the world.

We are focused on developing leadership competencies in everybody. Here, leadership is a mindset rather than a ladder to climb. Ask our team and they’ll tell you that being part of the Mainfreight family means there’s no limit to where your career can go and how fast you can get there. We’re a business that recognises merit, not time in the job so if you’ve got what it takes, don’t expect to stay in the same role for long.

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At a Glance

Our unique family and philosophy make Mainfreight who we are. This culture is our most treasured asset and is at the heart of our past, our present and our future. We promote our people from within and encourage our team to make mistakes, just never the same mistake twice. Our team regard each other as a family and share mealtimes. At the same time, we are focused on performance — every branch reports weekly results that are available for all team members to see.

Rather than quick wins or short-term gains, Mainfreight’s strategies, decisions and actions today are guided by a desire to create a strong, iconic and enduring business. This long-term vision guides us a business and determines our decisions and actions every day including how we approach the recruitment and training of new team members and customer and supplier relationships.

As a Mainfreight graduate, you’ll be working in one of the world’s most exciting, diverse and fast-paced industries. Global supply chain logistics is booming worldwide – and a role with Mainfreight gets you right amongst it.

We offer a two-year unstructured graduate program. Our graduates start their career in an entry level role which is often times out in one of our warehouses, establish their own personal brand and drive their careers from the floor up. We accept university graduates from all degree backgrounds into our general business program. We want graduates with a thirst to learn and build a career.

We meet our environmental responsibilities head-on, actively seeking ways to leave the lightest-possible imprint on the planet.

We are always looking at ways to reduce our carbon emissions, utilising rail wherever possible and managing truck size. We utilise electric forklifts across all of our sites and company vehicles are hybrids wherever possible.

As our global network continues to expand, we are continually coming up with smart and efficient ways to ensure our technology services are capable of matching our global supply chain expansion. We are committed to upgrading our technology and our online capabilities to give our customers a complete and customised look at wherever their freight is around the world. Our people are a big part of this process and we encourage them to challenge our processes and systems and make suggestions of better and more efficient ways for us to be doing things.

Safety at Mainfreight is paramount in everything we do. We are committed to ensure that our team and contractors go home safe each and every day, and that our business operations promote positive safety for our customers and in our communities.

We have robust training programs, which includes a national training team, with the purpose to educate our team and contractors in our safe systems and practices. Safety is the foundation of our culture.

In line with Mainfreight’s 100-year vision, we are committed to helping develop the leaders of tomorrow. Mainfreight is proud of its continuing relationship with Book In Homes Australia. Literacy is widely recognised as one of the most important foundations for success in school and later life. The Book In Homes program ensures crucial early literacy engagement for families and children living in remote and low socio-economic circumstance across Australia.

Mainfreight is a truly global business. As a business, we began our life in 1978 in Auckland, New Zealand. Since then we have grown to 247 branches across 22 countries and we don’t plan on stopping. Our vision is to have Mainfreight trucks and team on every continent – painting the world blue.

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