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Mark Sammut, Property Coordinator with Mainfreight

We hear many employee stories from people who’ve ended up in careers with companies they would never have considered at school, which we LOVE.

But it’s also great to hear stories about people who knew what they wanted – and found the right employer to help make it happen!

That’s exactly what happened to Mark, who knew he wanted to get into the supply chain industry after completing an internship at university – he just needed the right employer to help him find the perfect role.

Something he’s found at Mainfreight!

Hear from Mark as he shares with us:

  • More on who Mainfreight are and what they do.
  • What his role involves, and what a typical day looks like for him.
  • How he got started with Mainfreight through their graduate program and what makes them stand out as an employer of choice for him.
  • What the supply chain looks like ahead in the future and why it’s a career pathway with lots of professional opportunities and job security.
  • How technological advancement, AI and machine learning are boosting the industry.
  • Why the positive, supportive team culture is what makes Mainfreight such a great place to work!

Mark also lets us in on some of his best advice for anyone thinking about their next career moves and is an excellent example of how knowing what you like doing can lead you to the right employers who want to help you do more of it!

Find Out More

Mainfreight is a sophisticated global supply chain business. With a fast-growing team of 10,000+, they compete with some of the world’s biggest names in transport and logistics. Their operations span 300+ branches in 25 different countries around the world.

From school leavers to their graduate programs, there’s an opportunity to suit everyone with Mainfreight. Check out their employer profile at Explore Careers to find out more.

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