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Trades & Services

As one of Australia’s leading security companies, MSS Security has unrivalled experience in protecting some of the nation’s highest-profile sites.

We value the diverse range of our clients – from major national accounts to smaller local contracts. Our clients benefit from our customer-focused, personalised service with measured results.

Operating for more than a century, MSS Security provides expert services across the following market sectors:

  • Art, Events & Recreation
  • Aviation
  • Commercial Property
  • Data & Communications
  • Education
  • Energy & Resources
  • Financial Services
  • Government
  • Health
  • Industrial & Manufacturing
  • Maritime & Logistics
  • Strategic Medical & Rescue


6,000+ People
1896 Founded
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People & Culture

Our people are MSS Security’s most valuable asset, and they determine the success of our business and, in turn, our clients.

The People and Culture (P&C) team’s purpose is “To cultivate a high-performing organisational culture with proactive programs designed to the need of the business and its clients”. This is achieved through the work of passionate and dedicated teams in the disciplines of health, safety and wellbeing, human resources, industrial relations, training and development and recruitment.

Our award-winning P&C team is charged with recruiting the best candidates and retaining employees by offering them challenging and rewarding careers, including opportunities for personal development and progression within MSS Security.

P&C uses a defined and standardised process when selecting new recruits that is underpinned by State and Federal anti-discrimination legislation, so as to provide all candidates with equal employment opportunity. It is committed to ensuring recruitment and selection practices are open, competitive and based on merit.

Once a candidate has joined MSS Security, P&C supplies training and career pathways. Driving these opportunities is the accredited Registered Training Organisation (RTO), the MSS Security Training Academy. Its training programs provide a variety of industry, customer service and client-specific programs for employees, both compulsory and elective, that enable individuals to develop and consolidate their skills and job prospects.

P&C drives many initiatives to support and foster the MSS Security team, including:

  • facilitating and driving a high-performance culture
  • building the diversity of the company, with a focus on employment opportunities for women and Indigenous peoples
  • learning and development opportunities
  • career progression
  • promoting and improving the safety, health and wellbeing of our workforce
  • establishing a meaningful employee benefit, reward and recognition program
  • providing an Employee Assistance Program (confidential short-term counselling and support)

As part of its commitment to providing a positive work environment, P&C also gathers feedback from MSS Security’s workforce and conducts company-wide surveys to capture input from all staffing levels that will assist the company with future planning of people strategies. MSS Security is proud to report the 2017 survey found that not only do we continue to have an engaged workforce across the organisation, but that our staff are highly satisfied in what they do.

Training & Development

At MSS Security, we know that well-trained and motivated people create a foundation for service excellence and our in-house training division, the MSS Training Academy, demonstrates a commitment to the professional development of our employees.

Accredited Training

The MSS Training Academy is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO 110044) which enables us to facilitate BSB42015 Certificate IV in Leadership and Management as part of our succession planning pathway for Supervisors and Managers.

Maintaining our registration as an approved training provider offers our employees the opportunity to undertake an accredited management program which we see as beneficial for those who are carrying out Supervisory or Management positions.

We facilitate this program internally for selected Supervisors and Managers within our business in order to provide the highest possible standard of service to our clients.

Customised Training

MSS Security’s award-winning training services, expert facilitators and strong presence in the security industry enable us to deliver non-accredited training tailored to our clients’ specific needs, as well as meeting the broader industry’s changing needs.

The methods we use, including a robust online Talent Management System (TMS), give the MSS Security Training Academy the flexibility and functionality to deliver training in a way that maximises the learning outcomes for the participant and the client.

Training can be delivered on-site, online or a combination of both depending on its content and the client’s needs.

The training MSS Security designs for our clients is developed in close consultation with relevant personnel from each organisation, to ensure we meet everyone’s specific needs.

Our training packages for the following areas have received excellent feedback:

  • emergency response
  • customer service
  • armed robbery
  • suspicious packages
  • holding techniques / physical intervention
  • disengagement
  • loss prevention
  • conflict resolution
  • dealing with aggressive persons
  • incident reporting
  • hazard identification and risk assessment
  • OH&S, including OH&S responsibilities
  • Equal Employment Opportunity – discrimination and harassment
  • supervisor training
  • management skills – leadership and performance management

Training is not restricted to security or guarding work. The MSS Security Training Academy also has the ability to develop training programs across many areas for personnel not associated with the security sector, such as concierge services.


MSS Security has a comprehensive and interactive Talent Management System (TMS) providing an efficient, effective and consistent training solution for its staff across Australia. Our system was nominated in 2014 for the Australian HR Awards – Best Use of Technology.

The fully customisable system allows MSS Security to develop our own contextualised e-Learning modules tailored to provide client, site and competency specific solutions. Importantly, this system enables us to generate comprehensive reports and real-time data, providing the business with transparency and the ability to manage our investment in learning and development. The TMS provides MSS Security with full-cycle control of organisational-wide learning and development needs in line with the company’s and our clients’ requirements.

We frequently publish new courses to keep up with the demand of our employees, who thoroughly enjoy and value the system for their professional development needs; we currently have more than 380 modules in our library.


The MSS Scholarships program is a significant training to employment pathway designed to meet the growing needs of new security professionals in the industry. This unique program offers a pathway to employment with MSS Security, Australia’s leading provider of security services.

In partnership with Asset College, one of Australia’s leading security training providers, the MSS Security Scholarship Program will support over 500 training places per year for persons seeking to join MSS Security’s growing team across Australia.

The MSS Security Scholarship program runs Australia-wide and supports suitable individuals to complete the CPP20218 Certificate II in Security Operations or AVI20118 Certificate II in Transport Security Protection. From this point, participants will obtain their State or Territory Security Licence as required, followed by on-boarding to the MSS Security Team.

The MSS Security Scholarship Program will be further supplemented via opportunities for selected individuals to join the MSS Security Traineeship Program, including completing the Certificate III in Security Operations, which supports licence-based qualifications and ensures a culture of continual learning development.

MSS Security is proud to have a rich and diverse culture and therefore we call on persons from all walks of life and backgrounds to consider this fantastic opportunity and register your interest to secure your future with a career in security.

To submit your interest in the MSS Scholarships program please click here to complete your application.

Gender Equality at MSS Security

Twenty years ago a security officer was usually a burly bloke who carried a firearm, baton and handcuffs. Today MSS Security’s clients, particularly in the corporate space, are seeking friendly, approachable security officers who represent their brand and communicate their message in a positive way.

This changing need has allowed MSS Security to diversify and broaden its workforce to include more women.

MSS Security believes women bring a range of skills, opinions and approaches that add to the skills mix in our business. In fact, some of our male security officers prefer working alongside females in risk management situations.

If you are a woman with a background in an industry such as retail or hospitality you may already have the customer service ethos our clients are seeking, and MSS Security may be able to help you with training and obtaining the security licence you need to begin a security career.

The women working for MSS Security fulfil a variety of roles, including working at armed sites (carrying a firearm), concierge, events and senior management.

Sites women may find attractive include government departments, corporate and residential buildings, universities, hospitals, galleries, libraries and airports. We can also offer traditional security-type environments, such as gatehouses, mining sites, warehouses, power plants and other industrial locations if they are preferred.

ATSI Support at MSS Security

Entry-level Indigenous employees at MSS Security receive independent mentor support that allows them to:

  • gain an understanding of workplace culture and company requirements
  • balance family/community and work commitments
  • gain the confidence and skills to effectively communicate with work peers and supervisors
  • address concerns that may arise, either within the workplace or their lives, that could impact the long-term sustainability of their employment.

Within our workplaces, MSS Security further promotes opportunities for Indigenous employees by:

  • providing cross-cultural training for all employees
  • identifying recruitment champions to drive the Indigenous employment program
  • promoting flexible work practices and leave provisions to help Indigenous employees meet cultural and family responsibilities, within operational requirements
  • developing ‘Welcome to Country’ guidelines that recognise Indigenous culture and custodianship of country
  • encouraging all employees to participate in events that celebrate Indigenous culture.

MSS Security’s commitment to Indigenous recruitment is mutually beneficial. As well as creating opportunities for Indigenous Australians, MSS Security has experienced these benefits:

  • Diversity – our workforce better reflects the communities that MSS Security services, particularly in rural and remote areas
  • Expertise – where cultural sensitivities may affect our ability to expertly manage a variety of situations, we can draw on the cultural knowledge of our Indigenous employees
  • Business Growth – our Indigenous recruitment programs have helped us retain and expand client contacts
  • Government Assistance – Australian Government-sponsored schemes help MSS Security to better design on-site cultural awareness training, provide support to our Indigenous employees and give back to communities.

Identifying Indigenous employees

MSS Security recognises that to advance the participation of Indigenous employees we need to more accurately understand the makeup of the workforce. Therefore, we collect data during the on-boarding stages of employment and throughout the working relationship to gather feedback about the experiences of Indigenous employees, and use this data to tailor and design processes that enhance their employment experience and our relationship.

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