Peabody Energy

Mining, Energy & Resources

Peabody is a leading coal producer, providing essential products for the production of affordable, reliable energy and steel. Our commitment to sustainability underpins everything we do and shapes our strategy for the future.
Our Mission is to create superior value for shareholders as the leading global supplier of coal, which enables economic prosperity and a better quality of life.

We live by our values

Safety: We commit to safety and health as a way of life.
People: We offer an inclusive work environment and engage, recognize and develop employees.
Integrity: We act in an honest and ethical manner.
Customer Focus: We provide customers with quality products and excellent service.
Excellence: We are accountable for our own success. We operate cost-competitive mines by applying continuous improvement and technology-driven solutions.
Sustainability: We take responsibility for the environment, benefit our communities and restore the land for generations that follow.
Leadership: We have the courage to lead, and do so through inspiration, innovation, collaboration and execution.

Why join us?

At Peabody, our employees have the opportunity to be challenged, live safety and team up with the best. And that’s just the start of what makes Peabody an employer of choice. We employ around 5,500 people across our operations in the United States and Australia, serving customers in 26 countries.

Our commitment to sustainability underpins everything we do and shapes our strategy for the future. We have set a company-wide ambition to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050.

People are at the core of Peabody’s ability to deliver business results and serve our communities and we offer an inclusive work environment that engages, recognises, and develops it employees. We strive to create a safe and healthy work culture where all employees are treated with fairness and respect and are supported and engaged.

Graduate Programs

Graduate development is a critical aspect of the business. It is designed to attract, develop and retain high-calibre professionals who have the potential to become future leaders and technical experts. Experience a structured learning and development program designed to develop technical and practical skills whilst your gain on the ground hands on experience in the mining industry with an international mining company.

 The Graduate Program provides opportunities for recent graduates to gain experience in various operations, specialist skills and management skills through a two-year program. The program includes technical and leadership development initiatives and mentorship relationships with senior Peabody Australia staff. Departments within operational sites and functional areas provide graduates with supervisors who will provide day-to-day leadership and coaching.

Opportunities include:

  • Graduate Electrical Engineer
  • Graduate Mining Engineer
  • Graduate Mechanical Engineer
  • Graduate Geologist
  • Graduate Environmental Advisor
  • Graduate Health and Safety Advisor
  • Graduate Surveyor

In Locations such as:

  • Wilpinjong (NSW) – Our Wilpinjong mine is an open-cut mine located 58 kilometers northeast of Mudgee.
  • Metropolitan (NSW)– Our Metropolitan mine is an underground coal mining operation located 30 kilometers north of Wollongong in Helensburgh.
  • Wambo (NSW) – Our Wambo mine complex is a combined Coal Handling & Preparation Plant and Underground mine located 30 kilometres west of Singleton
  • Coppabella/Moorvale (QLD) – Our Coppabella Moorvale mine complex consists of three (3) open-cut mine operations located approximately 140 kilometers southwest of Mackay.
  • Centurion (QLD) – Our Centurion mine is an underground coal mining operation located approximately 140 kilometres southwest of Mackay.

Graduate Program opportunities are advertised in April each year.

For me, the Graduate Program was about building good relationships, both at work and socially. Building collaboration and communication skills early will continue to help throughout your work life. The program also provides the perfect opportunity to try your hand at something outside of your comfort zone.”

– Kamal, Graduate Program

To qualify for our Graduate Program, you must:

  • Have a degree or postgraduate degree (Honours or Masters) in Mining or Electrical Engineering or another relevant disciplines to Mining Engineering (Engineering roles only)
  • Have completed your degree within the last 2 years or are due to graduate by January 2024.
  • Be a team player with strong leadership potential.
  • Have strong communication & interpersonal skill and want to work at a mine site.

Apprenticeship and Trainee Program

Apprentice and trainee development is an important aspect of the business. Apprentices are appointed to a four-year development program through third-party training organisations and hosted on Peabody Australia mine sites for the practical part of their development. Job performance and genuine support for company values will count in the Apprentice’s favour at the end of their development program to obtain permanent trade roles within the company. Trainees are generally appointed as permanent employees and follow a structured development program facilitated by internal specialists. Operating sites will appoint individual tradespeople and experienced employees to act as coaches for apprentices and trainees.
Apprenticeship opportunities are advertised in September each year. Trainee opportunities are advertised throughout the year as open positions are available.

Work Experience

The work experience program provides school and tertiary students the opportunity to gain work experience at Peabody Australia’s sites or corporate office. These opportunities are part of a formal school/tertiary and/or industry placement agreements and include a job-shadowing development process.

Summer Vacation Program

If you are studying a degree or postgraduate degree (Honours or Masters) in Engineering of Mining or Civil discipline or other relevant disciplines, are a team player with strong leadership potential with strong communication & interpersonal skills, you qualify for the Vacation Program.

Activities of the program include:

  • Assisting with the preparation of daily mine schedules
  • Assisting with the preparation of dig and dump designs
  • Examine mining methods and equipment to monitor and improve performance.
  • Undertaking ad hoc project work
  • Analysing production data and statistics
  • Ensuring compliance with relevant statutory requirements and legislation.
  • Liaising with production to achieve efficient implementation of schedules and designs.
The paid vacation student program offers participants the opportunity to work within Peabody Australia operations and corporate offices during formal semester breaks or vacation periods. These opportunities are predominantly offered during the summer vacation period consisting of a period of approximately 13 weeks between December and February each year. The vacation work program is a great opportunity for students to demonstrate their skills for possible permanent graduate positions in the future.
“Peabody’s Vacation Program is the most valuable experience I’ve ever had. I didn’t know a workplace could be so welcoming. I learnt so many essential skills in my 12 weeks at North Goonyella Mine that I know I will continue to apply in my future career.”
– Nicole, Vacation Work

Intakes open September 2023

Diversity and Inclusion

Gender equality within the mining sector ensures both men and women have equal opportunities. Within the mining industry, we often face skill shortages as well as attracting and retaining talent. By actively promoting gender equality, we can tap into a larger pool of talent and bridge the skills gap.

Gender equality contributes to overall economic growth. When women and men have equal access to opportunities, development, and training, it boosts productivity and innovation within the industry.

Cultural Diversity within the mining industry is essential for many reasons – enhanced decision-making, global talent, community relations etc. Diversity within the workplace leads to better decision-making processes. By incorporating diverse ideas, perspectives and knowledge, we can make more informed and well-rounded decisions. Not to forget the different cultural viewpoints, which can help identify risks, provide alternative strategies, and promote more sustainable practices.

By creating an inclusive and collaborative environment by welcoming individuals from different cultures, we can attract and retain talent from around the world.

At Peabody, we are focused on creating an inclusive and diverse work environment where all employees feel supported and engaged, and the company’s inclusion programs are formalised in policy and practice. Together, we are continuing to have complex, and sometimes difficult, conversations about inclusion and diversity. We are creating work environments where people are aware of and appreciate each other’s experiences, perspectives and differences. We have zero tolerance for any form of bullying, harassment or discrimination and are willing to speak up if such instances should occur.

In support of our actions, Peabody signed the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion™ Pledge. CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion is recognised as the largest CEO-driven business commitment for inclusive workplaces, with more than 600 signatories globally. Peabody also provides development programs focused on inclusive leadership and unconscious bias education, in addition to ongoing initiatives led by the company’s Inclusion and Diversity Boards.

Application and Interview Tips

Interview Tips 
  • Research the company: gather information about the company’s mission, values, products and services. Having this knowledge will demonstrate your interest and show you have done your research.
  • Prepare questions to ask: This will show your engagement and interest in the role. Ask questions about the company culture, growth opportunities and projects related to the position.
  • Understand the job description: Identify key skills, qualifications, and responsibilities of the role. This will allow you to align your experience and strengths with the employer’s expectations.
Application Tips 
  • Customise your application: Tailor your resume, cover letter and any other required documents specific to the job you are applying for. Highlight relevant skills and qualifications.
  • Format your documents correctly: Ensure your resume and cover letter are visually appealing, using consistent formatting and fonts. Making sure to proofread for incorrect spelling or typos.
  • Keep it concise: Keep to the point in your application, and avoid lengthy paragraphs and excessive details.

Career Pathways In The Mining Industry

Some of the career pathways in the mining industry include but are not limited to;

Underground Operations: Mine Manager, Undermanager, Deputy, Ventilation Officer, Control Room Operator, Underground Operator, Gas Drainage Driller.

Open Cut Operations / CHPP: Mine Manager, Production Operator, Open Cut Examiner (OCE), Step up Supervisor, CHPP Manager, CHPP Operator Maintainer.

Maintenance: Maintenance Manager, Boilermaker, Heavy Diesel Mechanic, Maintenance Planner, Electrician.

Technical Services: Geologist, Mine Surveyor, Technical Services Superintendent/Manager, Mining Engineer, Senior Mining Engineer, Manager Environment and Approvals.

Finance: Accounting, Financial Planning, Commercial Managers, Commercial Superintendents, Managers, Director of Finance.

Supply Chain: Warehouse Manager, Inventory Specialists, Category Specialist, Storeperson, Director of Supply Chain.

Sales & Marketing: Accounting, Contracts Administrator, Marketing Specialist, Trade and Marketing Support, Director of Sales and Marketing Manager, Logistics Specialist, Marketing Officer.

Health, Safety & Environment: Manager Environment, Environmental Officer, Specialist Environment and Closure, Environmental Superintendent, Safety Systems and Compliance Officer, Workers Specialist, Registered Nurse, Training Manager, Health & Safety Superintendent, Director of Health and Safety.

Human Resources: Human Resources Advisor, Talent Acquisition Advisor, Learning & Development Manager, HRIS & Analytics, Remuneration Advisor, Administration Assistant, Human Resources Manager, Director of HR.

Information Technology: Operational Technology Engineer, IT Manager, Technical Specialist, Infrastructure Engineer, Cyber Security, Digital Strategy, Systems Engineering, Network Engineer, Director OT Analytics.

There are currently no jobs available

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