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Reece Group


We are Australia’s leading supplier in
 the Plumbing, Bathroom and HVAC-R industries.

People know us as a household name because they see our stores in so many suburbs and towns around the country, but they don’t realise the true breadth of our business.

In addition to Reece plumbing 
centres, our wholesale plumbing and bathroom products business, we have seven strategic businesses that serve different markets. These are: bathroom life (bathroom retail showrooms);
Reece hvac-r (mechanical services contractors, large commercial buildings); Reece irrigation, (irrigation contractors, landscape gardeners, growers and pool builders); Reece onsite, (volume home builders and commercial plumbers); Reece civil, (civil contractors and plumbers in water, gas and telecommunications); Actrol, (refrigeration, air conditioning
and allied industries); and Metalflex (wholesale residential air conditioners, heating systems and related products).

In our 95 year history, we have grown from a single store to 600 outlets across Australia and New Zealand, with an annual revenue of 2.4 billion dollars and more than 4,500 employees.

Our branches are supported by a team of more than 500 professionals including marketers, designers, programmers, property developers, logistics experts and more.

We are an organisation with a strong customer focus and a values-driven culture. Our purpose is to improve the lives of our customers and our people by striving for greatness every day.

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Build Your Career with Reece
Build Your Career with Reece
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Key Points

1. We’re growing

We have a long history of growth, and that’s continuing. This contributes to positive, exciting workplace with
a constant focus on the future and opportunity for everyone.

2. We’re innovative

We think differently. Not just new products, but new ideas, new ways of doing things and whole new businesses. We’re always on the lookout.

3. We’re open

As a result of numbers 1 and 2, there’s always a lot of change at Reece. Things move quickly, and we’re open to it. It makes life exciting and means there’s always something to learn.

4. We’re customer focussed

This is our number one value:
 Build customers for life. It unites us, drives everything we do and makes us drives everything we do and makes us successful. We’re proud of our customer NPS of +64.

5. We’re team focussed

We’re collaborative. We work in teams, and consult each other. There’s always someone to work with.

6. We’re community minded

We work with our customers and local community groups around our Australia & New Zealand locations, including less privileged communities overseas where sanitation saves lives.

7. We’re values driven

Most organisations have values. We live ours. For example, one of our values is Be Humble. It keeps us real. We don’t go for hierarchy. We like to keep it simple (another value) and do the right thing (yet another).

8. We’re practical

There’s a can-do attitude at Reece. We get things done and we have loads of common sense. We’re independent and resourceful, which means people get involved and get results.

9. We’re friendly

People stay at Reece for a long time and one of the reasons is they make friends for life. We get along, we help each other and we have fun.

10. We’re happy

We’re a happy workplace. We have an employee NPS of +66, which puts us in a globally leading position not just for our industry, but overall.

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