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Rheinmetall in Australia is seeking talent! Join us as we experience an exciting period of growth in Australia.

We are establishing a customer-centric workforce that takes pride in delivering quality work for our customers. Rheinmetall Defence Australia has fantastic opportunities for all skillsets, trades, professions and people at all stages of their career.

The future is waiting for you. So are we. #joinrda 


75 International Sites
25,000 Employees
1889 Founded

Why Rheinmetall Defence Australia 

Our Company’s values of Respect, Trust and Openness help us to create a workplace environment where employees value each other, live up to their promises and communicate openly every day. 

One company, endless opportunities 

If you’re asking yourself where in the world you can find us, the answer is simple: we’re everywhere! 

Rheinmetall gives you a whole range of opportunities to gather wide-ranging experience in key markets. Discover the career opportunities that await you in our teams around the world. It doesn’t matter where you choose for your next career move – we’re looking forward to getting to know you! 

Diversity and Inclusion 

RDA recognises the strength that comes with employee diversity. We are committed to providing an inclusive work environment where each employee is treated fairly and respectfully. Diversity is critical to our ability to work successfully as a team regardless of borders, language or culture. Our workforce includes employees of varying gender, age, race and ethnicity, professional and cultural backgrounds. We encourage our employees to comfortably blend private and professional life and we provide a number of attractive employee benefits that our team members can enjoy. 

Things you need to know

Apprenticeships, Traineeships & Graduate Programs 

RDA is excited to have commenced the Apprenticeships and Traineeships program as part of our employment offering in 2021 and beyond. These programs will provide unique opportunities to launch your career in a highly specialised manufacturing space within our country. Our Graduate Programs set you up for success, offering exciting, and hands-on, real-life experience across many of our corporate disciplines including engineering, finance, IT, commercial and human resources. 

Training & Development – A Game Changer! 

We are committed to the professional development of our people and we advocate for the opportunity for continued career development and growth for all. Our “Technology Transfer” project gives many of our Australian-based employees the chance to work and learn on the job at our sites in Europe before returning to Australia to share knowledge to our wider Australian workforce. 

The Sky is the Limit! 

Starting your career at RDA has endless possibilities. If you are a committed and hardworking individual with a standout performance on the job, the sky is the limit. You will have the choice to grow your career within your chosen field: to become a specialist, a leader or even a Director one day. Or you can venture into new horizons and broaden your skills and experience into new areas of specialisation and roles that are rare in the Australian workplace. 

Our Recruitment Process

Get excited to meet the future you!

Our recruitment process starts with an online application. After submitting this, you can expect to do several interviews, including a video screen interview as the first selection step. This will then be followed by a formal interview either face-to-face or via a phone or video-conferencing hook-up. Depending on the role you may also need to complete practical assessments (for trade-specific positions). When the interviews and assessments are completed we will conduct background checks and professional reference checks. Once successful you will receive a verbal offer, followed by a formal employment agreement and start date confirmation.

Engineering at RDA

Rheinmetall Defence Australia has an abundance of opportunities for both experienced and Graduate Engineers from all backgrounds. Being an Engineer with RDA means you play a fundamental part in exciting and groundbreaking global projects that you don’t see every day!

Whether you are working within our Electronics Solutions business innovating world-class simulation, training and state of the art surveillance and reconnaissance systems, or in our Vehicle Systems organisation where you will push technical boundaries to give our servicemen and women a decisive advantage on the battlefield, you will be presented with rewarding challenges, collaborative thinking and the opportunity to work and deliver technology superiority locally here in Australia, but also internationally.

The main engineering streams we recruit for include:

Cyber Security Engineer

The Cyber Security Engineer protects computers, networks and data from unauthorised entry and usually has experience in multiple software development methodologies, software configuration management, and coding languages.

Design Engineer

The Design Engineer is responsible for the design of systems, subsystems and components of tracked armoured vehicles over the products life cycle. A design engineer conceives and selects concepts in response to Requirements using a range of tools and methods such as weighted Trade-Off Studies and FMECA.

Electronics Engineer

The Electronics Engineer responsibility is to design, integrate, and verify hardware systems, subsystems, and components for the Vehicles.

Manufacturing Engineer

The Manufacturing Engineer is responsible for the specification of all tooling, machinery, plant and equipment to support the current and future operational requirements of the Production facility. These engineers lead the project management of equipment specification, budget development, procurement, installation and commissioning for both new and modified items.

Project Quality Engineer

The Project Quality Engineer ensures that the implementations of the projects comply with the contractual, customer-specific, project-relevant and company-internal quality requirements for the products and the processes used. A Project Quality Engineer adapts and develops methods and tools of quality, derives essential test points and criteria and ensures that the defined measures are carried out.

Software Engineer

Software Engineers are usually experienced in multiple software development methodologies, software configuration management, and coding languages.

Systems Engineer

The Systems Engineer is responsible for performing Systems Engineering and Verification to design, integrate, and verify systems, subsystems, and components for the Vehicle.

Welding Engineer

The Welding Engineer is responsible for supervising the overall design and manufacturing process of armoured steel welding assemblies to ensure that the manufactured product satisfies all the internal and external requirements. The Welding Engineer will provide expert guidance in welding technology, development of welding procedures and production plans as well as responsibility for ensuring weld quality and reducing welding defects.

Meet Jessica

Mechanical Design Engineer – Jessica Veivers

What’s your role? 

I am a Mechanical Design Engineer within RDA’s Lynx engineering team. I am involved in design development, prototyping and manufacture of vehicle components. I work across all areas the business and with our engineering teams internationally. Occasionally, I even get to go for a ride in one of our vehicles! 

What do you love most about what you do? 

Getting to do diverse work that interests me. I constantly get to learn new things because of this. My exposure to so many different projects is also exciting. 

Where to from here? 

I look forward to continuing my work on the Lynx project. I have learnt so much in my time with RDA already and I will continue to as we still grow as an organisation here in Australia. In the coming years I hope to develop leadership and management skills to take on the next steps in my career. 

My Career Pathway 

  1. Graduated from university in 2018 (studied a double major in Mechanical and Medical engineering) 
  2. Started working at RDA in early 2019 as a Graduate Mechanical Design Engineer. 
  3. Worked on exciting projects here in Australia but also spent 2 months in Germany to hone my skills and experience as an Engineer. 
  4. 2020 Finalist in both the Defence Connect Australia’s Graduate of the Year Award and the Australian Industry Defence Network Queensland’s Young Achiever Award.

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