Australian Bureau of Statistics

Government, Community & Emergency Services

The ABS is Australia’s national statistical agency and an official source of independent, reliable information.

We tell the real story of Australia, its economy and its people by bringing life and meaning to numbers.

The ABS is at the forefront of data innovation – responding to today’s challenges and partnering to deliver rich, new information solutions and technologies for the future. We are committed to pushing the boundaries of what data can do for Australian communities, businesses and governments.

At the ABS, we are passionate about building an inclusive culture that recognises the diverse range of skills, experiences and qualities of our people, and where everyone can contribute fully, feel valued and bring their whole selves to work. We seek to build teams with integrity, accountability, commitment to customer service and a passion for innovation.


The ABS participates in the Australian Government School Leaver Program, a 12-month career development program with a competitive salary, paid holidays and superannuation. Help us inform national debate, set statistical standards and bring life and meaning to data by telling the stories of Australia.

Working at the ABS

You can drive real change by working in a range of challenging and rewarding roles at the ABS. We are mostly known for conducting the Census, however, we do so much more. The ABS collects and publishes information from Australian households and businesses to better understand our population and future needs.

Results from our surveys are used by all levels of government, industry and community groups to make important decisions, such as how public funds are spent, and where services are needed. These decisions directly affect you, your family and the people you know.

The variety of roles we offer include collecting, analysing and disseminating data, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), finance, human resources, customer services, and the list goes on.

Our offices are located in all capital cities, as well as Geelong.

What We Offer

A career with us offers you the opportunity to:

  • undertake work with real purpose in a dynamic, innovative and flexible work environment
  • apply and develop your expertise through a wide variety of challenging roles and learning and development opportunities
  • be part of a supportive team of trusted experts who are empowered and accountable
  • join a workplace culture that fosters inclusiveness, builds respect and capitalises on diversity
  • work at one of 10 office locations across Australia, or in the field.

Work in the Field

Our field staff collect information from tens of thousands of households about all aspects of life in Australia.

Field interviewers work on a variety of population and social surveys, interviewing selected households by phone and in person. We collect information on such things as employment and unemployment, health, housing and crime. This information is used to help all levels of government, businesses and communities make informed decisions such as planning for services in your local area and the wider community.

Our permanent field interviewer team consists of around 500 people who are located across major urban centres as well as smaller urban and rural locations. There are also occasional opportunities for temporary work.

Meet Our Team

The ABS fosters inclusiveness, builds respect and capitalises on diversity. We welcome individuality and people who love to think outside the box.

Here are some stats about our team:

  • 20% of our workforce is below the age of 30
  • 94% access flexible working arrangements
  • 55% of our team are female, including 41% of senior leadership
  • 11% identify as having one or more ongoing disabilities
  • 11% identify as being neurodivergent
  • 10% identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and/or gender diverse, Intersex, Queer, Questioning and/or Asexual (LGBTIQA+)
  • 1% identify as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander
  • 42% of our workforce have carer responsibilities.

Meet Chloe

How did you start working at the ABS?

I was talking to a family friend at a Christmas party about her role at the ABS, and it really sparked my interest. After the Christmas party, I applied for a temporary role during the Census through the STAR Register (non-ongoing register).

When my Census contract was ending, I applied for a permanent APS 4 role. I was lucky enough to gain a position in the Prices and Economic Statistics Futures Division.

Tell us a bit about your role? What do you like about your role?

I work in the Producer Price Indexes team, and I measure the price change of products (goods and services) as they enter production and leave the production process.

I look at the prices of food and agricultural products which go into manufacturing, and the prices of the final products after being manufactured. What I enjoy most about my role is learning and understanding how the production of products and pricing works. In my role, I do a lot of research into how things are made, and touch base with the businesses that provide us with information to discuss what is impacting the prices of their products. 

What is the biggest misconception or preconceptions about your agency?

The ABS does more than just The Census and Consumer Price Index (CPI). Teams in the ABS review and analyse things that impact everyday life.

How can a young person get started with the ABS?

Apply! From someone who didn’t go to university, don’t feel you need a degree to apply or work at ABS.

Meet Cristina

How did you start working at the ABS?

After completing my Certificate III in Business, I applied online (via the ABS website: ‘Careers page’) for an Executive Assistant position at the Australian Bureau of Statistics. I was then contacted for an interview. I was thrilled when I was offered the position!

Tell us a bit about your role? What do you like about your role?

I work as an Executive Assistant in the Technology and Security Division. My main role stems from a broad scope of responsibilities. Acting on behalf of my Executives as their first point of contact, I manage all correspondence directed to them. This includes scheduling and calendar management, monitoring email inboxes and phone calls, finances, and expenses, and carrying out any additional administrative tasks.

Additionally, this role involves being highly organised, having exceptional communication and collaboration skills, and having the ability to problem solve/make on-the-spot decisions.

What I love most about my role is how dynamic, innovative, and diverse it can be, with no two days being the same. I love the inclusive and friendly culture at the ABS and how my position enables me to have the opportunity and pleasure of meeting different people every day. Furthermore, this position provides great opportunities for personal growth and learning development in a supportive and fast-paced environment.

What is the biggest misconception or preconceptions about your agency?

One of the most common misconceptions about the ABS is that when people hear “The Australian Bureau of Statistics,” they may assume our department is primarily centred on just Statistics. When in fact, we are an official source of independent, reliable information, including a wide range of economics, social, population, and environmental matters. We are also leaders in the data landscape.

How can a young person get started with the ABS?

The ABS offers a Graduate Development Program, which is the perfect opportunity for graduate students to launch their careers. With a vast variety of different fields and sections, the ABS provides graduates with the fundamental training and opportunities to develop their skills. You can register for this program via the ABS Careers website. Alternately, you can also check out the ‘current vacancies page’ to see other open opportunities.

Meet Hamish

What does your typical workday look like?

I currently work as a statistical analyst in the team that collects and publishes data on the Consumer Price Index. I tend to liken my job role to that of a storyteller wherein I quality adjust and process data to draw out key stories which I then confront with external sources and present the key information to various internal stakeholders.

What sets the ABS apart from other graduate programs aka why did you apply with us over other companies/agencies?

Having studied economics and finance at university was quite interested in working somewhere where I could really delve into key economic data and understand how it is produced in the Australian context. After taking part in the 2020 program I learnt so much more about personal development, working in multi-disciplinary teams and leadership.

It also helped that the application process for the ABS was the first time that I had felt like an actual person when applying for graduate jobs!

What advice would you give yourself before starting as an ABS Grad?

Take advantage of as many of the optional aspects of the program as possible! They’re a great way to meet people from work areas outside of your team, meet senior leaders and give back to the organisation.

Meet Sasha

How did you start working in the ABS?

I had been working a couple of different jobs after finishing school, but I hadn’t decided what I wanted to do for a career.

One of my jobs at the time, was working in a café across the road from ABS house. We got a lot of customers from ABS, and they always had good things to say about the agency. It just so happened that the Census was about to take place and the ABS was hiring non-ongoing staff for a variety of roles. As I had experience in management roles, I applied and was successful in getting a role as a supervisor in the Census data coding division.

Tell us a bit about your role? What do you like about your role?

I now work in the National Data Acquisition Division as a supervisor for the Household Survey Operations team. In my role, I am responsible for supervising a team of 20 ABS field interviewers that collect data for a variety of surveys, such as the monthly population survey. I really enjoy the different challenges the role brings. Managing a team of remote staff isn’t easy, but I am learning something new every day. It is also very rewarding when I can see the results of my team’s hard work pay off.

What is the biggest misconception or preconception about your agency?

People often assume that you need to be very skilled at math or have a degree in statistics to be employed by the ABS. While a lot of roles in the ABS value data analysis skills, I am a great example that this not always being the case. The ABS has a lot of career opportunities for people with all kinds of experience and skill sets.

How can a young person get started with the ABS?

There are a number of ways a young person can get started in the ABS. Whether it be through the graduate programs or just applying for roles through the careers page like I did. Even if you don’t have experience working in for the government, the ABS has so many different roles and opportunities to find something that matches your skillset. The best advice I can give, is check the careers page and apply for the role because you might be just the person they are looking for.

Meet Shannon

How did you start working at the ABS?

I commenced working at the ABS in June 2021 in the Census HR team.  I secured a six-month contract as someone I knew personally worked in the team and informed me that the ABS was recruiting.  Even though it was a short-term contract I really enjoyed my time working with the team, it brought me a lot more confidence and developed my skills and knowledge.

Tell us a bit about your role? What do you like about your role?

When the work of the Census was finishing, I was offered a role as an Executive Assistant to the General Manager of the Prices and Economic Statistics Futures Division.  I currently support three senior executives in the Division. In this role, I manage their calendars and emails, set-up meetings with both internal and external stakeholders, and manage the day-to-day running of the offices.  I’m a very organised person and like being busy so this role really suits me.  Every day brings different challenges and there is always plenty to do!

One aspect I like most about my job, is getting to interact and meet so many different people inside and outside the organisation.

What is the biggest misconception or preconceptions about your agency?

The biggest misconception about the ABS would be that people think you have to be a data specialist or analyst to work here at the ABS.  There is plenty of opportunities to explore the different roles within the agency.

 How can a young person get started with the ABS?

People can apply for jobs at the ABS through our website.  All of the Bureau’s vacancies are listed on the ‘ABS Careers’ page and people can also submit an application on the Skills, Talent and Asset Register.

Graduate Program


The ABS is the perfect place to launch your career. We offer a supportive environment, where we focus on training and development to help our graduates develop their skills and find their feet. The ABS Graduate Development Program is an opportunity to kick start your career and build the foundations for the future.

We participate in the following Australian Government Graduate Program (AGGP) streams:

  • Accounting and Financial Management
  • Data
  • Human Resources
  • Legal
  • Indigenous Graduate Pathway.

We are also running our own Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Graduate Program.

The Australian Government Graduate Program is a whole-of-Government program that lets you apply for one stream and have access to multiple Australian Government and Commonwealth agencies. You no longer need to submit multiple job applications, and one application opens the door to multiple opportunities.

Register here to keep up to date with when applications open.

As a graduate in the APS and Commonwealth agencies you’ll do meaningful work from day one, be asked to contribute, be recognised for your perspective and see the impact you can make in the Australian community we serve.

We are looking for people who have a passion for data and want to use and hone their skills to build a better Australia and shape its broader place and role in the world.



The ABS Pride Network brings together people who identify as sexuality or gender diverse, including but not limited to, people identifying as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex and Queer and their allies. It is open to all ABS employees and aims to build a community that champions LGBTQIA+ lived experiences at the ABS.

This active Network meets regularly to support one another; provides advocacy within the ABS; celebrates days of significance and promotes and raises awareness about the LGBTIQA+ community; and collaborates with other agencies.

First Nations Peoples

The ABS is committed to reconciliation through the ABS Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP). Our RAP guides the way the ABS embeds reconciliation in the way we work, demonstrating our committed contribution to improving the wellbeing and quality of life of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

We are committed to being a culturally inclusive and safe organisation whose services and products elevate and reflect the voices, lived experiences, and needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and communities, with equitable access to our surveys and statistics as well as employment opportunities and provisions within the ABS.


The Yakeen Network is the ABS Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employee network. It provides an opportunity for ABS Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff and their allies to meet on a regular basis in a supportive and professional environment whilst building cultural safety and competency in the ABS workforce. The Yakeen Network works collaboratively to achieve outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff and provide cultural advice and guidance on strategies, procedures and processes.

Yakeen Yarn is specifically for employees who identify as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander. Yakeen Yarn is a social and strategic group that discusses personal and professional topics of interest and relevance. It also provides cultural advice guiding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander related strategies, processes, and projects. This work enables the ABS to make culturally informed decisions based on lived and professional experiences.

People with Disability


The ABS Disability and Carers Employee Network fosters supportive relationships for employees with disability and employees who are carers for someone with disability. The Network provides an opportunity for employees to meet on a regular basis in a friendly and informal environment, to encourage sharing of knowledge, information and experiences while fostering meaningful and sustainable supportive relationships between staff. Network members are also provided with updates and provide feedback on relevant ABS and APS projects, forums and initiatives relating to disability and carers.

Members may discuss challenges and work through potential solutions with people who understand their circumstances. Members also share their personal experiences with others to develop and educate people’s understanding of the range of disability and caring circumstances, which ultimately benefits the ABS.


The Neurodiversity Network provides support for staff who are (or think they may be) neurodivergent, their managers and colleagues. The Network is open to all ABS employees at all classification levels, particularly employees who are or think they might be neurodivergent, including (but not limited to): autism, Asperger’s, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), dyslexia, Tourette’s syndrome, obsessive-compulsive disorders, intellectual disabilities and schizophrenia.

The diverse nature of the Network membership brings different perspectives and a range of experiences to meetings. Having a diagnosis or coming to understand their neurodivergent identity at different stages of their life’s journey, network members share their diverse experiences, learnings and strategies to support members of the group and others within the ABS.

There are currently no jobs available

Unfortunately there are currently no positions available at Australian Bureau of Statistics, please check back soon.