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Reach Unparalleled Career Growth at the ABS!

Seeking a career that works for you as much as you work for it? The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) prides itself on providing employees with the opportunities that will see them reach new heights and achieve ultimate career success!

It’s something Hasrat Singh is already experiencing. As a Data Acquisition Officer, he’s gaining the skills and knowledge he needs to set his sights further afield and see where else he can take his career with the support of the ABS.

Join Hasrat as he tells more about:

  • Who the ABS is, what they do and what his role involves.
  • How Hasrat found his job and his career journey from school to where he is now.
  • What he loves about his role and why the supportive team culture makes the ABS such a great place to work.
  • The types of opportunities available to grow your career including internships and graduate programs!
  • Hasrat’s top advice for anyone exploring their options with the ABS.

Find Out More

The ABS is Australia’s national statistical agency and an official source of independent, reliable information. They tell the real story of Australia, its economy, and its people by bringing life and meaning to numbers.

They’re also leading the Data Professional Stream to drive collaboration across the Australian Public Service to build data capability and develop a data-capable APS workforce.

Find out more and see where you can take your career with the ABS via their dedicated employer profile.

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