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A leader in the civil construction sector for over 25 years, Jaybro is a full-service supplier to infrastructure, construction and maintenance contractors across Australia and New Zealand.

Jaybro Group is a successful western Sydney organisation that initiated our journey with a vision to be something great, disrupt the market, and provide a solution that needed to be improved in its niche. With a culture-first approach, Jaybro has grown without losing its competitive edge, which is its brilliant people.

The company’s founder Steve Joyce started Jaybro from the family’s garage in Cambridge Park, Penrith in the Western Suburbs of Sydney. Steve’s years of experience working in the construction industry led him to identify a need in the marketplace to ensure that his target customer on a construction site could call when needed and get knowledgeable service and the required stock on-site fast. This entrepreneurial spirit ultimately triggered the initiation of Jaybro from Steve Joyce’s garage with his young family working hand-in-hand in the business.

From its inception, making life easier for infrastructure and construction contractors has been Jaybro’s mission. The team emphasises values such as delivering top-notch, customer-centric services, moving fast to get the desired results, keeping it simple, challenging the status quo, and caring for customers like its family. These values are the core of our business and remain lived and breathed through the company today.

Under Jeremy Joyce, Chief Executive Officer and the son of the founder, Jaybro’s leadership team has built the business through organic and inorganic growth. This expansion included opening branches in every state of Australia, expanding internationally into New Zealand, and acquiring and integrating over 10 businesses.

Jaybro has also obtained backup and investment from Australasia’s most experienced private capital manager, CPE Capital. In March 2022, Jaybro Group was acquired by Quadrant Private Equity, injecting new investment to grow the business to over $500M in revenue by the end of the financial year 2024.

Jaybro’s commitment to employee development has resulted in a positive and inclusive work culture, leading to recognition as a Great Place to Work® and ranking #4 in Australia. With a combination of industry-leading products and services and a motivated and skilled team, Jaybro Group sets the standard in the infrastructure industry.

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Our Culture

In 2022, Jaybro Group was certified as a Great Place to Work™, officially ranked as the 4th best medium-sized company in Australia! To achieve certification, 90% of our team of over 250 employees anonymously said that Jaybro has a great place to work.

At Jaybro Group, it starts and ends with our core values. We recruit, retain and promote those that live the core values. We call them A-Players, and we promise to always let employees know where they stand.

A growth mindset, high energy and a strong desire to learn is needed on our journey to growth land. We want employees to think, act and feel like business owners and we provide the learning and development opportunities for this to happen. We reward and celebrate success as a team, that way, at Jaybrowe grow together.

In growing together, we offer employees a stake in the outcome, along with other benefits including the Jaybro Way leadership program, Great Game of Business® training, team mini-games, ongoing learning and development, gym and wellbeing discounts through WEFIT,  reward and recognition and monthly employee appreciation theme days – but most of all we offer fun, learning, and a workplace you can be proud of!

Here are a few reasons in detail why you should consider joining the Jaybro Group:

We live and breathe our core values and develop a team of A-players

At Jaybro it’s not just a job; our team come to work to play the game of business and do everything they can to ensure we win! Like any game, there is plenty of fun along the way! We also let you know where you stand and how you are going and coach our team to success.

We have a culture of growth mindset and grow Jaybro learners

Learning is in our DNA at Jaybro. Every employee is put through an extensive ongoing training program. We want all our employees to be better business people and grow themselves and their careers at Jaybro.

We think and act like owners

By ‘opening up’ our books and sharing all financial information, we teach our employees to think and act like owners, regardless of their role. We share in our success and provide all employees with a stake in the outcome through a profit share program.

As you can see, working at Jaybro is just not just about the perks such as profit share, incentives, gym memberships and wellbeing discounts, it is about being part of a growing organisation where you can learn and grow professionally and personally.

Our Commitment to Youth

Jaybro Group is empowering youth to get loud and express themselves.

Young people are generally fearless. They just “have a go” without fear of embarrassment if they make a mistake. They take everything in stride and are hungry to learn.

– Ben

Youth Week 2024

Youth Week is about giving every young person an opportunity to be themselves, to showcase their talents, get involved and celebrate where they are from, their culture, their sexuality, gender and identity.

Youth Week is an opportunity for young people to:

  • Raise the issues, idea and concerns of young people
  • Develop strategies to address the issues important to young people
  • Increase the community’s awareness of young people and the issues that are important to them
  • Highlight young people’s contributions to the community

Want to learn more? Read the full report of the week here!

Our Companies


A leader in the civil construction sector for over 20 years, Jaybro is a full-service supplier of consumables, safety, geosynthetic fabrics, temporary fencing, traffic safety, underground civil and barriers.

Since its inception, the business has experienced strong organic growth underpinned by its commitment to ‘wow customers with service’. In addition to this organic growth, Jaybro has flourished through thoughtful and considered acquisitions that complement the core business model. The company now has a dozen brands in its portfolio, each of which have been selected to enable Jaybro to better serve its core customer base.

A trusted supplier to some of Australia’s biggest infrastructure projects including Westconnex and Sydney Metro, Jaybro is now firmly entrenched as one of the leading names in civil consumables. Despite its rapid growth, the Jaybro Group is still a family company at heart, this strong family environment and positive working culture is constantly nurtured so that it remains steadfast as the company continues to evolve.

Global Synthetics

Global Synthetics is a leading independent distributor and manufacturer of Geosynthetics to the engineering, construction and building industries in the Australasia and Pacific Regions. We are an Australian owned and operated company, and have offices and warehousing in Sydney, Perth, Brisbane and Melbourne. Our company is committed to delivering the highest level of quality and service with Global Expertise. Our qualified staff and experienced engineers have a wealth of knowledge in providing proven, cost-effective solutions to Environmental, Civil Engineering and Hydraulic problems. Our products incorporate the latest technology and state of the art materials.


Delnorth manufacture and supplies innovative roadside safety products. Established in 1992, Delnorth has earned a reputation globally for passively safe, long-lasting and cost-effective products that meet or exceed customer requirements and specifications. Delnorth continues to invest in research and development to deliver innovative roadside safety products that meet the demands of the global infrastructure market. With manufacturing in Australia and distribution worldwide, Delnorth offers exceptional customer service, experienced advice and unparalleled product quality.


ACP is a leading manufacturer and distributor of civil roading construction and road safety  ACP supplies road safety barrier products for use on highways, car parks and industrial sites. ACP’s quality assured to ISO:9001:2008. ACP specializes in providing innovative Road Safety Products and Services for the road maintenance and construction sector. Systems are tested to the AS3845:2015 standard demonstrating not only high performance but also the capability to safely protect the vehicle occupants. Our products range from portable barriers to permanent systems and median gates. All our products are backed up by our extensive technical team who are able to provide assistance with both design and installation.

Our Trainee Program

Jaybro Group has had a partnership with MIGAS Apprentices & Traineeships for over 12 years. Built on the shared vision of assisting youth particularly in the western suburbs of Sydney (Blacktown, Mt Druitt, Doonside, Penrith) close to our head office, this program has now expanded nationally across Australia.

Traineeships have been offered in Warehousing and Logistics, allowing trainees to work full time whilst completing their Certificate III in Warehousing and Distribution through a Registered Training Organisation or through TAFE. Jaybro offers the employee 3 hours of studying time per week during their working hours to complete their studies, in what is generally a two year traineeship.

Jaybro Group is now exploring traineeships in Business Administration as well as school-based traineeships.

Many of our best people have come through the traineeship ranks and have moved into permanent warehousing and operation roles, and some have then crossed over into sales and management.

Work Experience

Experience the world of signage production and superior safety warehouse at Jaybro through our exciting work experience program. During a five-day placement, students have the opportunity to immerse themselves in our operations and gain valuable insights into these dynamic fields.
Throughout the program, students will explore two key areas: Signage Production and Superior Safety Warehouse. In the Signage Production department, students will get hands-on experience in the creation of various signs, understanding the meticulous process behind their production. They will learn about design, materials, and the techniques used to bring signage to life.
In the Superior Safety Warehouse, students will discover the world of workwear and safety products. They will witness firsthand the management and distribution of essential safety gear, gaining insights into the importance of workplace safety and the range of products available to ensure it.
To express interest in our work experience program, students can reach out to us by email at hr@jaybro.com.au. Please provide details about your school and your work experience coordinator or teacher, and our team will work with you and your school to coordinate the placement.


“During the last 5 days, I have learned so much. I now realize how much work goes into the signs and work clothes that I see every day. The last 5 days have taught me to appreciate everything that is made as we never know how long or how hard it is to create something that looks so simple.”
Terri-Ann, Superior Safety Warehouse & Signage Production
“Working for Jaybro the last week was a fun and rewarding experience. I enjoyed working with a team of talented and passionate people who worked really hard to teach me so I could perform my best for the client. I learned a lot from some of the projects we worked on. I also appreciated the friendly and supportive culture at Jaybro where I was valued and respected. Thank you for this opportunity”
– Noah, Signage Production
“I have enjoyed this amazing opportunity to learn new skills and meet new people. I got positive feedback and was able to apply the feedback. Overall, I had a great experience and would come again”
– Lucy, Signage Production
“Our time at Jaybro for work placement was great to experience and gain an understanding of all aspects that go into a business. Everybody we spoke to was lovely, more than happy to help and made sure we felt welcome. From our time here, we have noticed that every Jaybro employee enjoys and feels as though their role shows importance within the business.”
– Alex and Monique from Cranebrook High school

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Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP)

Early in 2023, Jaybro Group was proud to announce the official launch of our Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP).

This plan reflects our commitment to advancing reconciliation and embracing unity between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and the broader Australian community.

Our vision for reconciliation is that Australia recognises, celebrates, and respects Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as First Australians.

We believe reconciliation should strengthen relationships between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and the broader Australian community, benefiting all Australians.

Our Reconciliation Commitment

For Jaybro Group, reconciliation is about building genuine, meaningful, and sustainable relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, communities, and organisations.

It is about celebrating and respecting their cultures, promoting awareness and understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, and creating equitable opportunities and outcomes for these communities.

Our Reflect RAP aims to make real change through constant and determined efforts. It is our way of turning good intentions into national reconciliation action.

Jaybro Group is committed to the following:

  • Building equitable, meaningful, and sustainable relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, communities, and organisations.
  • Providing our employees with increased awareness and understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and their culture.
  • Creating educational training, employment, and procurement opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and businesses.
  • Acting in the best interests of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and our organisation with effective, open, and ethical processes.

Throughout our journey in developing the Reflect RAP, we have had the invaluable expertise and assistance of Ngurra Advisory, who provided support in hosting RAP discovery workshops, employee consultations, establishing a RAP working group and committee, cultural awareness training, Cultural Immersion Art Workshop, and assistance with the submission of the RAP documentation to Reconciliation Australia for endorsement.

Our Reflect RAP aims to make real change through constant and determined efforts.

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